Hello everyone! I just finished my first slide deck (Chapter 5) and plan to finish my second one (Chapter 6) next week. @kristie-dukewich and @hammond-tarry have each finished their two decks. I don’t know how long it took them, but following Kristie’s excellent guidelines & inspiration it took me about 1.5 workdays to finish one deck. @jsspiegelman and @cheungb, how are things looking at your end (Ben, I know you have been very busy—Congratulations again!). And @dr-chris-montoya, please reach out if you need any assistance.

Thank you all again for your participation in this project. I know a few instructors who are keen to have the deck in hand for the Fall semester, so if you know anyone who can help cover the 2 remaining chapters (10 and 12) that would be swell.