Eric Hellman, Free Ebook Foundation

Have been a fan of this project since it was first announced.

I’ve been working on a few infrastructure projects related to Free Ebooks.

  1. Building a big database of Creative Commons Licensed ebooks to distribute. Pushing them into distribution channels, for example in libraries. OPDS, ONIX and MARC feeds. Crowdfunding books into the commons.
  2. GITenberg: applying version control to Project Gutenberg. Exploring GitHub maintenance of ebook metadata via post commit hooks. Building ebook files using continuous-integration tools.
  3. Mapping the free ebook supply chain”: working with UMich press and Open Book Publishers to figure out how users discover and acquire open access ebooks.

We’re starting to think about how to manage identity for books that might be forked, merged, remixed.

Would love to hear how we can help you!

@eric Hi eric, nice to see you here. We talked to Seth (long) before we got rolling. Let’s connect in the new year to talk about various ways we might work together.