Philosophy of Science [ed: Joseph Shieber]

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Book Summary:
Here is the outline of chapters for this book:

Chapter 1: Empiricism: Logical or otherwise?
Chapter 2: Popper’s conjectures and refutations
Chapter 3: Kuhn’s normal and revolutionary science
Chapter 4: Beyond Kuhn: Lakatos, Laudan, and Feyerabend
Chapter 5: The sociology of scientific knowledge
Chapter 6: Feminism and the philosophy of science
Chapter 7: The problem of induction
Chapter 8: The demarcation problem
Chapter 9: Explanation
Chapter 10: Scientific realism
Chapter 11: Evidence and probability today

How to participate:
We are looking for authors for several chapters in the book. Please see links below for which ones!

Relevant Documents:
Chapter Assignments - See here to find out which chapters still need authors. Interested in possibly authoring a chapter? Let us know below or on the volunteer sign up thread for this project.
Author Guide – Read this guide to find out more about what committing to author a chapter involves.

Team: @clhendricksbc (series editor), @zoe (Rebus project manager), @apurva … and you?

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Here is the draft outline of chapters for this book, open for comment until about the end of the first week of March. Please read and comment if you have expertise in this area!

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I added a comment to the outline, but what about a chapter on causation? The causal skepticism of Russell through the causal modeling approaches used today?

@adamedw01 Thanks for your feedback, Adam! I’ll let @eran-asoulin, book editor, address your question about the chapter on causation. :slight_smile:

And I just sent you an email, Adam…I hadn’t seen this post! I was not always getting notifications from this forum before it was redesigned; hopefully I’ll get them now!

Dear Christina and Eran,
I am willing and able to write the demarcation chapter for the phil science introduction. I have a PhD in philosophy and have taught the demarcation problem at an introductory level numerous times. Here is a link to my CV and here is a link to the syllabus for the first-year science and society class I refer to above.
Best wishes,

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Thanks for your interest, Dustin! @christina.hendricks and @eran.asoulin will review your CV and be in touch soon.

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Thank you, Dustin, and sorry for my delayed reply…I was not reading emails or notifications from this site over the holiday break, but now am back to work! I’ll connect with the book editor, Eran Asoulin, and one of us should get back to you soon!