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(Updated January 2022)

Thanks for your interest in the Introduction to Philosophy project! If you’d like to participate in this project, please comment below. Give us an idea of your background, particular area of expertise, and interests. We’ll follow up and make sure we find ways to have you participate!

We are currently looking for:

  • Chapter authors for the philosophy of science book (see chapter outline and the Public Table of Contents for the series for the chapters that are still in need of authors). We are looking for people with a PhD in philosophy (or who are in a PhD program) and who, ideally, have teaching experience at the introductory level.

  • Peer reviewers for the Metaphysics book. We seeking people with a graduate degree in philosophy, or graduate students in an MA or PhD program in philosophy, ideally with teaching experience at the first-year level. We also welcome undergraduate student peer reviewers, to provide feedback from the perspective of students who may be using the book in courses. See the public Table of Contents for the series for the chapters in this book.

You can view the complete project description here at Rebus Community.

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I am interested in contributing a chapter to the philosophy of religion section. I’d be interested in writing on teleological arguments, or moral arguments, or practical arguments, or reformed epistemology, or the role of evidence in philosophy of religion.

More broadly, my interests are in political philosophy, social epistemology, the ethics of belief, and philosophy of religion.

I have a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin, an MA in Moral, Legal and Political Philosophy from Queen’s University Belfast, and I am currently ‘ABD’ in a PhD program at Tulane University in New Orleans. I have taught two ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ classes in which I covered a little philosophy of religion, and I am going to be teaching a 300-level philosophy of religion class this semester.

I’ll add my details to the spreadsheet. Thanks - Marcus


@mhunt Hi Marcus, welcome to the Rebus Community! Thanks for adding your details to the spreadsheet.

It’s great to hear that you are keen to write on such a variety of topics! I’d recommend looking at the Chapter assignments in the Public TOC for the Logic and Ethics parts – you might find something of interest there.

Given your interests, I would also suggest you follow the Logic, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Social & Political Philosophy threads for any updates. We’re still working on the outlines for the Philosophy of Religion and Social & Political Philosophy parts, but should have them up next week, and would love your input on them as they develop. You can “Watch” these threads to receive a notifications when there is any activity, if that is preferred.

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I have already offered my services directly on the thread for the logic section, but I may also be helpful for generally as a proofreader/copyeditor or commentor on especially metaphysics and philosophy of science.

My research is many in the history and philosophy of logic and mathematics, so if there are any sections dealing particularly with the philosophy of mathematics, I could certainly help.

I’m ABD at in the philosophy department at the University of Calgary, and worked on Forallx: Calgary remix.

@athomasb Hi Aaron, thanks for volunteering and welcome to the Rebus Community! If you’re interested, the Metaphysics part outline is open for comments at the moment.

We don’t have an explicit part on the Philosophy of Mathematics. @clhendricksbc may be able to confirm whether a chapter on it could be included in another part, in case you are interested in authoring!

Hello - I’ve just recently heard about this interesting project, and would love to help in some way!

I recently finished a PhD in philosophy from Loyola University Chicago, and currently have a full-time philosophy teaching position at Arrupe College here in Chicago. Arrupe is a small two-year school, started by Loyola, that is geared toward undocumented, and underprivileged students. In the past I’ve also taught classical literature at DePaul, and philosophy at Loyola. I say that in order to note that I have some decent experience with teaching introductory level courses in very diverse settings.

My area of expertise is in ancient Greek ethics (esp. Aristotle’s ethics) and in hermeneutics (esp. Gadamer). I’ve also written/have interests in philosophy of disability, Kant, and ethics in general.

Based on the pinned post at the top, I would definitely be able to author/make substantial contributions to some of the Ethics sections, as well as the Aesthetics sections (i.e., esp. Gadamer and continental aesthetics). I could else offer feedback for the social and political section, and the phil mind section.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi, I would be interested in contributing to a chapter on ethics or politics if possible, I have a strong knowledge of classic political philosophy and basic ethical theory. I have a BA in philosophy and religion from Bangor university and am currently studying for my MA at Sheffield university, i know that your requirements are for PHD students but I feel I can still offer strong contributions.
Thanks, Stephen.


I’ve just recently submitted my PhD; I’ve previously worked in Philosophy of Language, but my Doctoral thesis was in Metaphilosophy and Aesthetics, specifically examining the relationship between philosophy, film, and literature.

My interests, as can probably be gathered from the above, are quite broad. I’m interested in Ancient Philosophy, Logic, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language, Social and Political Philosophy, and Ethics.

I’ve guest lectured in both Intro to Philosophy and Philosophy of Language units, and have taught Philosophy and Ethics (including social and political ethics) in the interdisciplinary core curriculum at Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus.

I’ll add my details to the spreadsheet!


@s.v.nield123 Hi Stephen! Welcome to the Rebus Community! Please send along your CV either here in the forum, or via email to me (apurva@rebus.foundation), and include a brief summary of your experience teaching philosophy, if any. I can pass this information along to the editors of the Ethics and Social & Political Philosophy parts for consideration. Thanks!

@al.westenberg Hi Alexander, thanks for your interest in this project. We’ve received your CV have passed it along to our part editors. They should be in touch with you soon!

@gtarantino Hi Giancarlo, thanks for joining us! I believe Christina sent you an email about sharing your CV so I won’t double up too much here, but look forward to hearing from you.

@apurva Thanks!


I’d like to help out if I can. I received my PhD in philosophy from the University of Queensland in 2011 in applied ethics. I have a few years’ teaching experience in introductory ethics and political philosophy at UQ. My published work covers computer ethics, privacy, and intellectual property.

I’d like to contribute to the ethics and social & political philosophy sections. I have particular interests in utilitarianism and Anglo-American political philosophy.

I’ll add myself to the spreadsheet as well.


@dmdouglas256 Hi David, thanks for your interest in the project! Could you please send along your CV to apurva@rebus.foundation, or share it on the forum? I can pass it along to the editors for the Social & Philosophy and Ethics parts, who will make final decisions.

@michaeldroulis2 Hi Mike, welcome to the Rebus community! Wow, sounds like quite the long-winded path you’ve taken to arrive at Political Science and Philosophy.

We’d be happy if you could join us on this project. Is there a particular part or chapter you are interested in authoring? We have Chapter Assignments listed for each part in the Public TOC. Take a look, and let us know where you can pitch in!


I recently completed my MA in Philosophy at UBC where I specialized in Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science. My specific area of specialization was on the Social Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge. Though I’d be most interested in being a parts editor (for either section), I’m also willing to help out in any other way you see fit.

@michaeldroulis2 There are a few documents floating around, but thanks for filling this one out. I see that you’ve signed up to write a chapter in Social and Political Philosophy – great!

What we’re asking for from interested authors right now is a CV and brief summary of their experience teaching introductory philosophy courses (if any). You can share this in the forum, or email me at apurva@rebus.foundation. I’ll pass it along to Douglas Giles ( @dmgile ), the editor of this part!

@jonathan.lopez604 Hi Jonathan, thanks for your interest in the project, and welcome! We’d love to have you on board as a part editor for Philosophy of Science or Epistemology.

Could you possibly share your CV via the forum or email to me (apurva@rebus.foundation) and lead editor Christina Hendricks ( @clhendricksbc christina.hendricks@ubc.ca)? Here’s a link to the job description for the part editor role, if you haven’t seen it as yet.

Hi @jonathan-lopez604 and welcome! @apurva, we know each other from UBC.

I wanted to just say that we need to look at CVs and such before we make final decisions on part editors, so please send your CV to me and to Apurva and we’ll go from there.

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Hallo everybody,

I would be interested in contributing to the chapter Aesthetics. I have a German Magister Artium in Musicology and Philosophy and a Phd in Philosophy of Music. My research interests are Philosophical Aesthetics, Critical Theory and Philosophy of Art, esp. Ontology of Music.
Best regards,