@hugh Will do!

Was mostly trying to set expectations for myself. Can imagine myself doing a bit of proofreading here and there, without overcommitting. As for dropping by during my next trip to Montreal, it’s a great idea. Been enumerating reasons to spend a bit of time in my hometown and that’s a good one. Might even find a proper “excuse”, given my dayjob.

Funnily enough, your reply comes as a prompt at just the right time.

“The Universe” (or, at least, Twitter) is telling me that @swagstaff should be on my radar. First, noticed his tweet about OER policy at UBC and tweeted an annotation to that document (mentioning Steel) to Mike Collins from Penn State, who works on this #NGDLE project (New Generation Digital Learning Environment). Then received a tweet from Nate Angell from Hypothesis letting me know about a piece by Steel about Pressbooks and H5P. Which made me come here to check on the Twitter username to use for Rebus.

Small, small world.