Project Summary: Authoring Open Textbooks (Guide)

  • @zoe Thanks, Zoe! It’s great to have your support, and the support of the Rebus Community and Press.

  • I’d be delighted to help/contribute to this in any way that I can. Would love to talk more about needs if you’re interested.

  • @swagstaff Super! I’m glad to learn of your interest. Let’s talk more… Are you available on June 7, 8 or 9? If so, please email ( a few times that work and I’ll set up a Hangout for us. Looking forward to it!

  • Hello,

    This is excellent. I am reading this right now! Very useful information. ~Katie Kirakosian

  • @kvkirako Hi Katie, So glad to hear it! We welcome your continued feedback. Thanks for the note!

  • administrators

    Hi everyone! We’re pleased to announce that Rebus Projects is now live! This is our new platform that guides open textbook projects through the publishing workflow and makes it easy to find, recruit, and organize collaborators. The main listing for this project is now found on the new site.

    To stay involved & updated on this project’s progress, head to Rebus Projects, log in with the same details you use on the Rebus Forum. Then, find this project in the listing, and click on “Join the Project” in the new platform! We look forward to seeing you there!

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