Project Summary: Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students

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    @jsipes Thanks, Jackie! That’s wonderful, we really appreciate it. The first three chapters are:

    1. Introduction (~6000 words)
    2. What is the literature (~4000 words)
    3. How to get started (~3000 words)

    Would you have a preference for any of these?

  • @zoe My preferences in order

    1. How to get started
    2. what is the literature
    3. introduction

  • Hello @zoe I am able to help with the first chapters too! I will be on vacation next week so I may need an extra week! I don’t have any preference for the chapter. Thanks again for allowing me to be part of the project!

  • @zoe
    Hi. I can’t help help next week. Sorry. I can do later chapters.

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    @jsipes Thanks Jackie! Let’s give you your first pick, How to Get Started. I’ll send you an email with access and the review guide in the next few days.

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    @stephanie.roth That’s great, thanks Stephanie! And yes, we can definitely give you some extra time. Would you mind tackling the introduction? It is a bit longer, but a lot of it is citation examples.

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    @piercejb Not a problem, Jenny, there will be more to come! I’ll keep you posted here as more chapters become available. Thanks for checking in :slight_smile:

  • @zoe Sure! That sounds perfect!

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    @stephanie.roth Brilliant, thank you. I’ll be in touch over email soon with access & the review guide, and we can set a due date that works for you then too. Speak to you soon!

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    Hi again all,

    We have another chapter ready to go! I’ve created a spreadsheet to track which chapters are available and after some very helpful feedback from @brockfahslibrarian, I’ve added column with the chapter outline to help you choose between them.

    Please take a look and add you name to any chapters you’re willing to take on. Right now we have two unassigned & more to come:

    Ch 2. What is the literature? and
    Ch 4. Where to find the literature


  • Hello @lizmays.
    My name is Agnieszka Gorgon, and I’m a Liaison and eLearning Librarian at Seneca College, ON, Canada. My current liaison roles extend to the School of Early Childhood Education and Nursing. I am also pursuing a Master of Education in Distance Education degree at Athabasca University. I’ll soon be collaborating on a Digital Citizenship textbook, and would be interested in reviewing one of the chapters - specifically, Evaluating sources. Let me know if this opportunity is still available. Thank you!

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    Hi @agnieszkagorgon, thanks so much for getting in touch. We would love to have you as a reviewer for the evaluating sources chapter! I’ll be in touch over email soon to sort out details :)

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    @mkhetarpal I see you’ve also signed up for a chapter - thank you! I’ll be in touch with details soon.

  • Greetings! My name is Megan Lowe, and I signed up for the “Documenting Sources” chapter as a chapter reviewer. I would also be glad to help in any other way. My strengths lie in copyediting and proofreading, though I am willing and able to learn about formatting in Pressbooks to assist in that regard as well. I have been a peer reviewer for several journals over the years; I founded and continue to edit my own open access journal (Codex: The Chapter of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL); and in July I will be attending a Creative Commons Licensing certification program. I am a big proponent of OA and OERs. With regard to nursing, the university at which I work has a significant nursing program, so I have been working with nursing students in research and writing for some time now.

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    @meganwlowe Hi Megan, thanks for joining us! It would be great to have you review the ‘Documenting Sources’ chapter. I’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available (the author is just putting finishing touches on it, I believe). We really appreciate your offer around editing/proofreading and formatting in Pressbooks too, either of those would be a very big help. Once we’ve completed the reviews we’ll start planning these phases so let’s keep in touch. Thanks again for putting your hand up, we really appreciate it!

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