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    Title: Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    Project Lead Editors: Dr. Michelle Ferrier (Ohio University, University of Missouri, CUNY), Liz Mays (Arizona State University, Rebus)

    Subject: Journalism, Mass Communications, Media Studies

    Target audience: Students in media entrepreneurship courses or other journalism/mass comm/media courses in which media entrepreneurship is taught

    Single author or Multiple authors: Multiple

    Rebus project manager(s): Zoe Wake Hyde

    License: CC BY

    Help needed:

    Currently our most pressing need is for contributors (professionals or academics) to write the following chapters:
    *Project Management skills and technologies
    *Human-centered design
    *Competitive analysis (UVP, market research)
    *UX/UI testing & iterating

    Next, we will be seeking sidebars and resources for each chapter(see below for TOC).

    Down the line, we’ll also be compiling a companion instructor’s manual that helps you in building capacity in your institution. If you’re interested in contributing to that piece, please reply with your interest below and we will reach back when further details are available.

    In the future, we will also be seeking the following contributors:
    *Editors / proofreaders
    *Book/chapter peer reviewers
    *Accessibility checkers
    *Marketing/promoting adoptions in classrooms


    Book description:
    This open textbook that includes activities, ancillary materials and faculty resources on media innovation is designed to be a valuable resource for use in media entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial journalism courses across the globe.

    Each “chapter” will be a module that can accompany a week’s lesson in a 15-week course. The work could be used as a whole, or modules could stand alone. New modules could be added by the community in the future.

    Each chapter in the TOC will have these elements:
    *Student Learning Objectives
    *Topic Summary(ies)
    *Applicable techniques from literature and practice
    *Sidebar: Student Voice
    *Sidebar: Operationalizing in the Classroom: Assignment or Activity
    *Sidebar: Other?
    *Additional resources: Videos, Readings, links to YouTube resources.
    *Glossary of Terms

    See the TOC in development.

    View the book Precis.

    See the Author Guide

    Timeline (preliminary):

    April-May 2017

    June 2017
    Formatting and editing

    July 2017
    Peer review

    August 2017
    Beta release

    How to participate:
    Take a look at the draft TOC and the structure of each chapter outlined above.

    Sign up to the forum and let us know what resource you would like to contribute below. Please include an idea of your background, affiliation and particular area of expertise.

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    Current Project Team:
    Michelle Ferrier, @egsmith3, @zoe ….and you?

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