Project Summary: Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Hello! I got referred here by our librarian OER coordinator. Please count me on wanting to be involved. I’m an Assistant Professor in the OU Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I have a professional background in print and web freelance and economic development as well as interest in innovation and education technology (M.A. in the Learning Technologies). If you would like to learn more, please visit Please let me know how I can be helpful.

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    Hi @oucroom So nice to meet you. Thanks for joining us! We are currently in search of beta testers for the 1.0 version of the book due out for fall 2017, ancillary materials to add to the 2.0 release in spring 2018 (which includes instructor materials) and peer reviewers for the following chapters:

    Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Business Models for Content and Tech Plays
    Nonprofit Model Development
    Freelancing and Consulting
    Content Marketing
    Entrepreneurship Abroad

    We could also use help with a final proofread.

    If any of these tasks meet your interest and expertise, please let us know!

  • @lizmays Great. I’d be happy to peer review any/all of the following: Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset, Freelancing and Consulting, or Pitching. I could also help with the final proofread.

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    Hi @oucroom This would be fantastic! A few of these chapters are in final revisions but expected to be ready later this week. I will be in touch soon to coordinate!

  • @lizmays I’m currently working on my MEd at Vancouver Island University. I could volunteer as a peer reviewer.

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    Hi @corinne-hamel-taylor Glad to hear of your interest in the project! We ask that our peer reviewers for these chapters be teaching or have taught media entrepreneurship in a college or university environment, and have specific subject matter expertise in the chapter they’ll be reviewing. But we’d love for you to be involved in the project in another way. I think your instructional design expertise would lend itself well to contributing to v.2 of the book in which we are hoping to add more ancillary materials, assignments and an instructor edition. Would you be interested in reviewing v2 exercises and ancillaries for instructional design?

  • @lizmays Absolutely! Let me know when you need me…

  • I would be happy to do any copy editing or proofreading. I have professional experience in both. My undergraduate degree was in media studies and I have a master’s in library and information science. Let me know if I can help!

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    Hi @marykathleenb86, You are fantastic! Thank you so much. I’ll be in touch in the next week or two to coordinate logistics. We look forward to having you onboard!

  • I’d be happy to do proofreading or copy editing for this project. I’m a graduate student in English and film studies, and I am currently part of the copy editing team at Feral Feminisms (an online peer-reviewed journal).

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    Hi @leanne Thank you so much. I am hoping / expecting to have the chapters needing this to you early next week.

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    Hi @marykathleenb86 Just an update: All of the v1 chapters are now in. The last five are being edited for subject matter now. I am hoping to send some of those your way early next week.

  • @lizmays Sounds great!

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    @oucroom I have sent you the pitching chapter to your OU email for review. Let me know if there is a better way to get it to you. @leanne and @marykathleenb86 I am sorry for the delay. The two chapters I want to send to you are held up in substantive editing. Really really hoping to send these your way soon.

  • @lizmays No worries. Thanks for the update!

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