Prompt questions to get you started

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    If you’re using the Rebus Projects tool, either to run/participate in a project or just to see what it’s all about, we’d love to hear what you think. We welcome any input you see fit to give, but if you need them, here are some prompt questions to get you started:

    1. Does the flow seem logical?
    2. Can I find things where I expect to see them?
    3. Can I enter all the information about a project that I think is important?
    4. What information am I entering that seems unimportant, or unclear as to its purpose?
    5. Is there anything I expect to be able to do, but can’t?
    6. What feels intuitive?
    7. What feels counter-intuitive?
    8. What should this platform do that it currently doesn’t?
    9. What value do you see in the tool (if any!)?
    10. Who do you envision using the tool? And what benefit might they gain?
    11. What would it take for this to be useful to you in your role?
    12. Is there any other feedback that you have to offer?

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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