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  • I noticed on the new Rebus site that there are not direct links to the chapter descriptions under the “Outline” tab. What would be the best way to have hyperlinks on the new page on Chapters under “Outline” like these ones below that were on the old project page and went straight into Google Docs?

    Chapter 1 – Principles and Practice of Human Geography
    Chapter 2 – Geographic Tools and Spatial Relationships
    Chapter 3 – Population Structure and Mobility
    Chapter 4 – Geography of Identity
    Chapter 5 – Political Geographies of Territory and Space
    Chapter 6 – Development
    Chapter 7 – Natural Resources and the Environment
    Chapter 8 – Industry and Labour (author needed)
    Chapter 9 – Settlements and Services
    Chapter 10 – Urban Landscapes
    Chapter 11 – Health and Well-being
    Chapter 12 – Practicing Human Geography
    See the full outline.

  • administrators

    Hi Gill! Right now, you can link to the full outline from the resources section on the main project info page, but you could also drop the individual chapter links into the description fields on the outline if you wanted. However, right now these won’t link automatically. We’ll have to think about how we could handle this in future - we could always add a field to the outline editor for a link, but then we have to consider how to display it as clicking the title controls expand/collapse on the front end… Not an unsolvable problem, though! Thanks for flagging it :slight_smile:

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