Ethics [ed: George Matthews]

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    @geoslack I can take care of the folder organising, no trouble there – @kathrynlmackay, would you mind also sharing the doc with I’ll make sure it ends up in the right place!

    @kmf-aho that’s an interesting thought. I think we’d like to keep the first round of editing & suggestions within the editing team (just to avoid a “too many cooks” situation), and there’s a balance to maintain between connecting chapters and making them modular & useful separately, but you make a very valid point. There are a few ways we could manage it, we’ll discuss with @clhendricksbc and the other editors and keep you in the loop.

  • @geoslack @kmf-aho We are actually right now in the process of deciding on a workflow once chapters have been drafted. I’m sending an email to Part editors right now asking about when we might open chapters out to other authors to comment. So we’ll get back to you soon on this!

  • @clhendricksbc Sounds good. There was a link to the Kant chapter and an invitation to comment earlier, so I thought we were supposed to be doing the same thing for the other chapters. But if the book/section editors are supposed to get to them first before other folks take a look, that’s fine too. Thanks!

  • Hi everyone, is the chapter assignment for chapter 7 - on naturalistic approaches in ethics still open? I saw that @kathrynlmackay submitted the draft on feminist ethics, but the chapter assignment spreadsheet still says a second author for naturalistic approaches is needed. I’d be happy to contribute, if that is still possible. My name is Michael Klenk, I am a PhD in my final year at Utrecht University and currently a visiting fellow at Harvard. I specialise in evolutionary approaches to (meta-)ethics and have relevant teaching experience and I think it would be good fun to contribute to the textbook. @geoslack would that still be a possibility and, if so, how long should the text be given that it is only a part of chapter 7? What would the deadline be? I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  • @mklenk Hi Michael! Glad to see that you are interested in participating! At this point maybe it would be best to spin off your topic into its own chapter. If you could suggest here more or less what you would cover in a chapter of your own, I will revise the table of contents accordingly.

    You can have look at the Author Guidelines for some more detailed information in response to your other questions. And the deadlines are, so to speak, evolving at the moment so I’d say fit it in to your schedule and if you could get a draft to me within the next few weeks to a month that would be wonderful!

    Welcome aboard!

  • @geoslack Hi George, sounds great! I am working on it. Regards, Michael

  • @kmf.aho Hi Karl–finally getting back to you on this!

    We’ve now gotten a clearer sense of an editing workflow, and have decided it would be most efficient for chapters to go to the Part Editors first for a read through and comments, and then come to the rest of the authors of that Part, as well as other Part Editors, for comments.

    So we’ll open up the chapters for comments by other authors of the Ethics part once @geoslack has gone through them first!

  • Hi everyone,

    Those here in the Ethics thread may want to take a look at the new Part outline for Social and Political, in case you have some expertise there too. We’re seeking comments on the outline for the chapters!

    Social & Political philosophy: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    In case you want to take a look at the other outlines we have ready for comment too, here they are:

    Logic: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    Philosophy of Mind: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    Philosophy of Religion: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    Note that for any discussion threads you want to follow, it’s good to click “watching” at the bottom to make sure you get email notifications when there are new posts. I think that if you post to the thread you’re automatically watching but I’m not 100% positive of that.

    Finally, there are still some chapters remaining on Ethics and Aesthetics, in case anyone wanted to sign-up for them! Go to the tabs on the bottom of that spreadsheet to get to the different parts.

  • Hi @geoslack, I’ve finished the first draft for the chapter on evolutionary ethics. Where can I upload the document or should I send it to you via email? Regards, Michael

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    @mklenk Hi Michael! Not sure if you’ve heard from George elsewhere, so I’ll jump in just in case. If you’d like, you can send your draft to me at and I’ll make sure it gets to where it needs to go. Thanks so much for your contribution!

  • @zoe Hi Zoe, great, I’ve just sent you an email to I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello everyone, I am interested in contributing to Chapter 4. Is it still available? My name is Sherry Ya-Yun Kao. I am a PhD candidate in my last year at Rice University. My specialties are normative ethics and value theory. My dissertation project is to propose a new account of well-being. I have also been working on biomedical ethics and environmental philosophy. I have taught Phil 101 contemporary moral issues 3 times and I am currently teaching Phil 100 Problems of Philosophy at Rice. Next semester I will teach a Freshman Writing Intensive Seminar. I am particularly interested in (and have devoted myself to) making philosophy accessible and intriguing to anyone who is interested in and yet has no background in philosophy. I would love to contribute to the open textbook. @geoslack Please let me know if that would still be a possibility. Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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    @yk18 Hi Sherry, welcome to the Rebus Community! Chapter 4 is still available. Could you please send us a copy of your CV? You can upload it in the forum here, or can send it to me via email at I will pass this along to @geoslack, who will make the final decision on chapter authors for this part.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Hi @geoslack, @clhendricksbc, and everyone,

    Just checking in on the text. I see that the new Ethics section has 7 chapters, and I was working on a part (feminist ethics) that looks like it will go in that chapter. Do you need anything from me? Do you need a revised version, shorter/longer, or otherwise?

    Hope all is progressing well!

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