Ethics [part ed: George Matthews]

  • Anyone still here? My question has gone unanswered.

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    @dmgile Hi Douglas, apologies for the delayed response. I believe George ( @geoslack ) is currently revisiting his part outline and will prepare a final list of chapter authors shortly. For now, you can view the chapter assignments and current authors here. Kathryn MacKay ( @kathrynlmackay ) is writing chapter 7, so you can coordinate with each other as needed. I’m roping @clhendricksbc to see if she has any thoughts about connections and possible overlap in the two chapters as well.

  • @dmgile Sorry but I’m no help here–I was waiting for @geoslack to reply because he is the one in the know about the current state of the chapters! Thanks for pointing out your question is still unanswered; hopefully not for long.

  • @dmgile
    Hi Douglas,
    Sorry about the lack of response, somehow I do not get always get updates from this discussion board.

    Touching on feminist virtue ethics would be a great addition to your chapter. I am happy to leave it up to authors to come up with their preferred list of things to cover in each chapter and then we can take it from there.

    We do not yet have a final list of authors. Here is what we have so far:

    Chapter 1 on Relativism: Paul Rezkalla – draft submitted
    Chapter 2 on Ethics and Religion (Divine Command Theory and Natural Law Theory) STILL OPEN
    Chapter 3 your chapter on Virtue Ethics – in progress
    Chapter 4 Egoism and Social Contract Theory STILL OPEN
    Chapter 5 Utilitarianism: Frank Aragbonfoh, draft submitted
    Chapter 6 Kantian Deontology: Joseph Kranak, draft submitted
    Chapter 7 Feminist Ethics: Kathryn MacKay

    (Chapter 8: Contemporary Approaches? It seems like maybe it is best to have a standalone chapter on feminist ethics, and spin this off as a separate chapter assuming that there is interest out there in someone writing it)

    I am reading and commenting to authors on their drafts (and/or will be soon). I think we decided among the editors to make that process somewhat open to contributors as well, but I am honestly not sure how to set that up. Do I just add the drafts to the shared Google Drive folder and then go from there? I am a little leery with doing that since major revisions might get done without much discussion and that seems like a potential headache for keeping track of edits. Any thoughts on this?

  • @geoslack About doing revisions, Google Docs does have a track changes system. It’s called Suggesting mode. You can change the modes on the upper-right side. The document will show what changes are being proposed, and people can also add comments.

    You can also create separate documents for each round of revisions. So, after a document gets a bunch of suggestions for revision and comments, then you duplicate that document and do all the changes to the new document.

  • @jakranak Thanks for the tip, I will do that!

  • @geoslack I think that if you set up the documents to let only comments in from those with the link then they can use “suggesting” mode still…I’m not certain about that but I think so. Then you can give a few people permission to edit directly while giving permission only to comment to those with the link. Perhaps that’s what you’ve done, though; I haven’t looked carefully yet!

  • @geoslack Oh, one more thing: have you clicked “watching” on this thread to make sure you get the notifications? That should send notifications to your email if someone mentions your name. Actually, I think it sends you an email for all replies to the thread, which is not a bad thing either! :)

  • I’ve just submitted the Feminist Ethics chapter by uploading it to Google Drive and inviting @geoslack to view/edit it.
    Only 19 days late! :raised_hands_tone2:

    I looked around on the author’s guide, but didn’t find any other instructions, so I hope this is the right thing to have done. If not, please let me know and I’ll resubmit it properly ASAP.

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    @kathrynlmackay Wooo! That’s fantastic Kathryn, thank you! And yes, that’s the right process to submit. We’ll add it to the author guide for others in future, thanks for flagging the oversight :slight_smile:

  • @zoe @kathrynlmackay
    Yes, thanks for the chapter I will look it over and comment on it as soon as I can!
    Zoe, should it be in the “submitted chapters” folder along with the others? If so would you mind putting it there – I am afraid of breaking things again if I do that.

  • Are the currently drafted chapters open to suggestion at this point? I was just reading over the deontology chapter and realized that it would be good to be able to compare it to other chapters for the sake of unity (though we needn’t require uniformity).

    If so, could I get the links to those chapters? Thanks!

  • @kmf.aho Hi, I’ll refer this to @zoe and @clhendricksbc – are the chapters open to general comments now?

  • I have uploaded Chapter 3 to the Google Drive. Sorry for the delay. Life has been complicated the past three weeks.

  • @dmgile Wonderful! No worries about the delay – things are moving along!

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