I'm looking for people to help with an audio OER project, ideas?

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    Hi all,
    I’m hoping to find volunteers to make audio recordings of an OER – any thoughts on where I might go to get input?

  • Hi Hugh,

    Are you asking about where to go to find volunteers? Maybe depends on what you need people to do. Do you need folks to just read things into a microphone and/or do editing and/or something else? The former might be easiest (though they’d need decent quality mics?). I might have some ideas if I have a better sense of just what is needed!


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    Hi Christina,
    Mainly trying to reconfigure the Rebus Forum to work better as a community space, and make it a place where specific asks are easier to post/find.

    But: the Audio project is real, and so we’re thinking generally about how to find people to record/edit audio of text. A thread for this project is here: https://forum.rebus.community/topic/1295/audio-blueprint-for-success-chapters

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