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  • Hi @apurva hope all is well with you.
    Okay, I am letting you know that Farida is done with her formatting, which means as agreed, now you could take over to help with the outstanding formatting issues. Thank you so much for offering to do that by the way, I am sure this would help us out tremendously.

    A couple of points for reference as you embark on this:

    • @cgreen and I had created the Formatting Guide that would be helpful in making sure there is consistency. This was Farida’s job though (e.g. making sure all headings/images of the same level/style are consistent across the book…etc.) but she did report much of the same technical problems I had faced before (images not centering, spaces too large/too little…etc.) so these would be the things to look out for.
    • This brings me to my next point, I know we did not provide a list of where the technical inconsistencies are occuring, but they are fairly easy to spot I believe. Meaning if most graphics are centered on the page and there are one or two that look out of place by aligning left and it makes more sense for the overall layout for it to be centered, then that would be the kind of thing to change. Or if there is a large space between two headings that isn’t there in other units/looks awkward, you know. In general for graphics, the singular notations are usually in a table aligned left with a description on the right side, and the larger or unique ones (not part of a list) are usually centered with their title above them and their description below them. These things are also in the formatting guide, so it would be helpful I think if you can also refer to that.

    Thank you so much and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything that you’d like to discuss in relation to this.

    All the very best dear,

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    @n.aboulmagd Hi Nadine, hope you are well too! :) Thanks for the update on your end and for pointing out areas where Farida or you had noticed inconsistencies. I’ll definitely be paying closer attention to these as I go through the book too.

    I appreciate the updates made to the formatting guide – this will certainly be helpful to spot any errors that need to be addressed.

    As we discussed earlier, I’ll be keeping a close eye for these kinds of errors in additions to the ones you mentioned above:

    • If there is any bad/unnecessary code that might be affecting formatting (such as span tags)
    • Obvious errors in alignment
    • Excess spacing between paragraphs
    • Line breaks or excess spacing in tables
    • Consistency of image heights in tables
    • Whether content in tables is floating appropriately

    I’ll be going through the book this week to make these changes, and will keep you posted along the way. Thanks so much to you and Farida on the work done so far – we’re almost there!

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    @n-aboulmagd I’ve been going through the book, unit by unit, initially comparing with the formatting guide and with an eye to the problems you and Farida had highlighted.

    I’ve made sure that all images, tables, and headings are properly aligned in the book (so far up to unit 10), and that there is not errant code that might be interfering with the formatting in the webbook. I’ll continue to do so for the remaining units 11-20 over the next few days.

    I am yet to look into the spacing issues in tables (related to the text or images), because I wanted to clarify:

    • in the Formatting Guide, it’s mentioned that singular notations are in a table, with the image aligned left and the description aligned right. I notice that the guide lists the title of the description as a heading 4, but notes that it should be “paragraph and bold.” The units seem to follow the latter, with titles in paragraph and bold – could you confirm if this is what is desired?

    Once you clarify this, I can go through the book with that in mind, making changes as appropriate. And hopefully, with this, the major formatting work will be complete! :)

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    @n-aboulmagd @cgreen I’m writing to inform you that I’ve gone through all the units in the book, and corrected any issues related to image and table alignment, heading styles, spacing in paragraphs, or errant code.

    Once I hear from Nadine regarding the preferred style for the singular notations at the start of each unit, I will go through the book to examine spacing issues in the tables.

    Following up to my previous question, if the ideal format for the titles of the singular notation tables is “paragraph and bold,” there are two choices that seem to impact the spacing within paragraphs (a result of the oddities of working with HTML tables):

    Option 1: Paragraph and bold, with a line break between the title and rest of the text
    0_1544802812642_Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.48.43.png

    Option 2: Paragraph and bold, with no line break between the title and rest of the text
    0_1544802821677_Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.48.53.png

    Please let me know which of the two options you prefer. (Note: If we’re going with heading 4 for the title, there’s no need to worry about this!)

    Lastly, I just wanted to inform you both that I will be out of office Dec. 17-Jan. 1, but will be ready to continue the formatting work, if remaining, upon my return. If you require any urgent assistance next week, please tag @zoe and she might be able to help.

    Hope you both have a good break, and wishing you happy holidays & a happy new year!

  • Hi @apurva thank you so much for your response and for your work on the book.
    To answer your questions and to keep it brief, @cgreen and I agree that:
    1- The notations should be paragraph and bold.
    2- we prefer the second option (with no line break between the title and rest of the text)

    Another thing you could take a look at as you format the book is the images in the NOTATIONS section. @cgreen would like them all to be more or less the same size. This means she wants the treble clef for each of the note images to be the same size. It doesn’t matter if the length of the ‘measure’ is different, but the treble clef should remain consistent within the unit and ideally across all units as well. (like screenshot below - on unit 10) 0_1544967724103_Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 3.41.09 PM.png
    and not like this screenshot from unit 14
    0_1544967922064_Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 3.45.11 PM.png

    Please let us know once you’re done with everything and we will take a final look in case there are still any outstanding formatting issues/problems, in which case we can report them back to you in a Google spreadsheet or something. Then we can celebrate and consider the formatting all done for the book! Yay in advance :)

    Thanks again and looking forward to hearing back from you dear.

    By the way, neither @cgreen or I are in a rush to complete this before December 17th, so it’s perfectly okay for us to return to this in the new year. Happy holidays dear and enjoy your break :)

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    Hi Nadine! Just chiming in to say thanks for getting back to us - Apurva is off until January now, so I will try to take a look at things this week if I get a chance, but if you don’t hear from me you will hear from her come January.

    Hope all is well on your end! :slight_smile:

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    @n.aboulmagd @cgreen Hi Nadine, Chelsea, and happy new year! I hope you both had a good break.

    Thanks for responding to my questions above. I’ll go through the units and correct the formatting in tables and the Notations section accordingly, and will inform you when this is complete. My suggestion once this is done and you are happy with the web (+ other formats) to apply a theme lock to ensure that no further changes are made to the appearance or layout.

    Regarding your request about the uniform size of the treble clef – this is dependent on the size of the images uploaded, so making all the images a uniform size would not give you the desired look. This would require adding custom dimensions to each image, for web, to make sure the clefs are the same size. Unfortunately, this is not something we would be able to do. I have in cases where the sizes of the images or the clefs are very different done my best to make them consistent, but have been wary of making too many changes that might disrupt other formatting in the table or unit.

    I’ll let you know when I’m done making the changes, and would be happy to see your final report in a Google spreadsheet. Feel free to drop a link to it in this thread. :)

    Hope this all sounds good to you. I’ll be in touch soon with (hopefully) a final update!

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    @n-aboulmagd @cgreen I’ve finally completed going through the book making the final changes to the content in tables. This means that the formatting work we set out to do is (hopefully) complete.

    Please go ahead and take a final look through the book, flagging any major issues (you can do so in a spreadsheet or list them out here). Once you’re happy with the formatting in web and exports, we can apply the theme, as an additional safeguard to preserve the formatting & layout.

    How does this sound to you both?

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    @n-aboulmagd @cgreen I wanted to check-in and see how we were doing! Have either of you had a chance to do a final review on the formatting? No worries if not, I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed any communication from you both. :)

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