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    Are you working on a chapter, sidebar or other resources for this project? This is a space where you can ask questions or share ideas with both the editors and your fellow contributors.

    The current chapter contributors are:

    Mike Green, ScaleUp Partners Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Jan Schaffer, J-Lab, American University, CUNY Front matter: Media Entrepreneurship at all-time High
    TBD Ideation
    Ingrid Sturgis & Yanick Rice Lamb, Howard University Customer Discovery/Content + Tech Startups
    Krysta McNutt, University of Alberta Team Management: Intrapreneurship/Entrepreneurship
    Dana Coester & Maryanne Reed, West Virginia University Sidebar: Teaching Resiliency
    Sierra Ferrier, VICE Project Management Skills & Technologies
    Michelle Ferrier Lesson Plan: Project Management
    Geoffrey Graybeal, Texas Tech University Business Models for Content and Technology Plays
    Jake Batsell, Southern Methodist University Nonprofit Model Development
    Michelle Ferrier Lesson Plan: Social Entrepreneurship
    Georgann Yara, Freelance Writer Sidebar: Freelancing & Consulting as Business Models
    Lori Benjamin, Freelance Content Marketer Sidebar: Freelancing & Consulting as Business Models
    Jessica Pucci & Elizabeth Mays, Arizona State University Marketing
    Mark Poepsel, Southern Illinois University Pitching Ideas; Presentations; Developing Pitch Materials
    Amy Eisman, American University Sidebar on Pitch Live
    CJ Cornell, Propel Ventures Funding Your Startup
    Chris Dell, Tow-Knight Fellow/GoBaller + TBD Sidebar: Funding Your Startup (contest funding)
    Francine Hardaway, Stealthmode Partners Sidebar: Funding Your Startup (friends, family and fools)
    Noah Rosenberg, Sidebar: Our Campaign (on Kickstarter)
    Interview with Daniel Zayas, Kickstarter Expert & former J-entrepreneurship student Sidebar: Funding Your Startup (on Kickstarter)
    Michelle Ferrier Lesson Plan: Crowdfunding
    Betty Tsakarestou, Panteion University, Greece Entrepreneurship Abroad

    In other documents:
    See the TOC in development.
    See the Author Guide

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Through a collaborative and open process, we are hoping to build not just an educational resource, but also a community of practice around this book.

    To that end, we will be holding a preliminary chat for authors Wednesday, May 10 at 12 p.m. EST. You can join by clicking this link.

    In this call, you’ll have a chance to:
    *talk about your plans for your chapter
    *hear about other authors’ plans for their chapters
    *ask any onboarding or logistical questions

    If you’re not able to attend, follow this thread–we will post a recap of the discussion here.

  • @zoe Thank you very much for the invitation and looking very much forward to joining you and all authors in the preliminary chat on Wednesday, May 10.

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    Hi @BettyTsakarestou Thank you so much for joining the forum and this thread. We look forward to seeing you at the chat next Wednesday!

  • @BettyTsakarestou look at you already on here. #winning

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    @markpoepsel I saw your comment in the chat as we were finishing the call. Don’t worry. Rebus will coordinate a peer review process around the book!

  • @lizmays Cool. I see it in the agenda for July…just wondering how it’ll work. Sorry to get ahead of myself. I’ll author a chapter first and then we can figure out how to get it peer reviewed. :D

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    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a very-quick-turnaround recap of our call earlier today.

    As always, let Michelle or I know if any questions come up.

    The next call will be June 7. Info on how to join follows:

    Hi there,

    Hugh McGuire is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Author Chat JMC Open Textbook
    Time: Jun 7, 2017 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

    Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,551437864# or +16465588656,551437864#

    Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 551 437 864
    International numbers available:

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    I am also adding the recap from the first call here:

    Here is a recap of what was discussed at the May 10 call, including summaries of what people are planning for their chapters.

    The video of that session (unedited for expediency) is available to watch here.

  • @lizmays Thank you for recap, and sorry that I wasn’t able to make call, I have the June 7th on calendar, thanks!

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    @poetabook You are welcome! We’ll look forward to chatting then, and please feel free to raise any questions here in the meantime.

  • @lizmays Hi all I’m attaching a draft of the Resiliency Sidebar for Chapter One: In addition to overall feedback on whether this is even on the right path at all, I had a couple questions: 1) re the tone - It is more introductory/motivational than instructional, but I got the vibe from call that it could be conversational, but just checking if this is suitable tone, or if should be more scholarly 2) I was wondering if it would make sense to link some of the concepts to other sections of the text that will explore those in much more depth 3) Again, assuming its on right path, what do you think about the third section being from the voice/perspective of an “innovation veteran” student, like 5 tips for surviving failure… Thank you all in advance![0_1496090604186_ResiliencySidebar.docx](Uploading 100%)

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    Hi @poetabook, @michelleferrier and I will take a first read of this and get you feedback asap. (One note: For some reason, it seems like the file did not upload. Could you please re-upload? As long as it is under 2 MB, it should work. If it is over, you can email it to Michelle and I as a Gdoc. 1. The notion of how conversational to be has come up for several, and we will try to provide clarification on this once we get a sense of where most pieces are falling on the spectrum. 2. Yes, that is a great thought! 3. Love this idea. Go forth! So that we can provide more specific feedback, can you try to reupload the file? I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • @lizmays no problem, error code says I don’t have enough privileges to perform that action, but I will send shortly as google doc, thanks

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    @poetabook Thanks so much. Our developer thinks this may be a bug. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

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