Manisha librarian assist instructors with the use of open textbooks

  • “Yvonne Saddleback is using open textbooks and videos and pre and post confederation history for the Cree studies 1102 course in the Spring of 2017. She is creating a quiz bank and engaging her students with blogging. 14 students. $200/copy. $2800 saved for the Maskwacis community.”

    "Sociology instructor Dr. Yun GHIMN chose an online textbook with his 27 students. The cost of a traditionally marketed book would be $100/copy or likely higher; use of such Open Education Resources for SOCI 1500 has helped reduce the cost of education by $2,700 approximately. Sociology is moving from coursepacks to zero printouts; using OER was beneficial to our College and the community as students can now afford more groceries etc. Yun is revising the current book down from their aboriginal perspectives; students get engaged saying ‘it would be interesting’ to find what they put between 100 & 400 words in the next version of Introduction to sociology."
    Earth sciences instructor Kevin used an open textbook with his 22 students. Add a copy for the instructor. The cost of the traditional textbook was $200/copy. Use of open textbook for the Earth Sciences course has helped reduce the cost for education by $4,600. Earth Sciences is a Zero Textbook Cost course. Using open textbooks has reduced the cost of education to students, which is beneficial to the College and the Maskwacis Community as a whole as our students now have more money for groceries, rent, childcare and most important high student engagement with open pedagogy resulted in students completing their course and positioned them to be successful in their academic journey.

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