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    If you have a tech question about the Rebus Community Press, check here first to see if anyone has found a solution. If they haven’t, you can put the question to the community (which includes Rebus staff!) to find an answer.

    When posting, remember to:

    • Give a detailed explanation of the problem (what page of the interface are you on (e.g. book info, chapter editor)? Are you talking about ebook, PDF, web book, etc.)?
    • Describe what you expect to happen and what actually happens.
    • Include the link to your book in–community, staff and other members of your team can use this to look at what’s going on in the background.
    • Include screenshots if they help to explain what’s happening.

    If you don’t find the answer you need here, you can also check out the Pressbooks User Guide and EDU guide.

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    We have recently done some maintenance to the Rebus Community Press.

    You may experience difficulty logging in if you are on Chrome.

    If you are on Chrome, clearing the cache is 99% sure to fix the issue.

    If that does not resolve the issue, please let us know what error message you receive and we will help to troubleshoot.

  • Hi,

    Is there somewhere on the back end of Pressbooks where stats are generated on readership/downloads, etc.? A faculty member asked me and I wasn’t sure.


  • administrators

    Hi @JeremySmith! There isn’t any way to access this data at the moment, unfortunately. We’re aware that it’s important info for authors/project leads to have though, so it’s on our radar to work out a smart approach to handling it in future.

  • @zoe Thanks. That’s good to know. For now, we will be depositing a copy of the finished book into our institutional repository, which has download reports for authors.

  • administrators

    @JeremySmith That makes sense! Although does the repository only takes PDFs? If so, you could consider adding a note in the front matter that the book is also available in ebook and webbook as well, if the author wants to make those options available (while still capturing the download numbers).

  • @zoe The IR can take any format (.doc, .pdf. jpg, etc.). So are you suggesting we not turn on the download options in PB and lead readers to our IR for downloads? Seems like the only way to get “pure” download counts, but not convenient for the reader.

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    @JeremySmith No, it is definitely more convenient for the reader to have the download options on the PB homepage! I only wondered if those coming to the IR version first might benefit from an arrow to that page, but it’s much less of an issue if the IR takes a range of formats. Not to worry, I’m sure you’ve got a handle on it :)

  • @zoe Ahh. We can include a link to the PB version from the IR page of the book and including it in the front matter is a good idea as well.

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