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    What is the Rebus Community?
    The Rebus Community is a non-profit organization funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, developing a new, collaborative process for publishing open textbooks. Rebus is building tools and resources to support open textbook publishing, and to bring together a community of faculty, librarians, students and others working with open textbooks around the world.

    We want to make it easy for the community to contribute to the creation of open textbooks (their own, or others’), and support the creation of new, high-quality open textbooks, available for free to anyone, in standard formats (web, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and print).

    How are we going about defining this new process?
    We are starting by supporting a small group of open textbook projects through the publishing process, and using this experience to shape the direction of the Rebus Community tools. Check out our first projects here.

    Each of these projects has a specific need, or is in a particular stage of production, and by working closely with them we can gain detailed insights into the needs and pain points of the process, and identify ways in which we can make things easier.

    In our view, it is critical to the success of the Rebus model that we shape our tools and resources in response to the needs of the community, rather than making assumptions. We’re using this opportunity to ask and answer some questions, confirm (or deny!) some of our hunches, and generally gather information about what we need to do to make this new approach work for the people who will be using it.

    For more, see our FAQs.

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