How do I use the forum?

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    Where do I begin?
    If you’re not quite sure where to jump into right away, we’d recommend looking at the Meet & Greet thread! You can introduce yourself and let us know your interests here, and we can try to suggest projects or discussions that align with your expertise. Once you’ve done so, you can browse through the various categories, and look at our Active Projects and Working Groups.

    How do I respond to an ongoing discussion?
    You can respond to the first post within a topic, or to specific replies. To respond to the first post, click on the large “Reply” button at the end of the post. To respond to posts by specific individuals, select the smaller “reply” button at the bottom of their post. This will open the text editor where you can write your reply, tag other users, share links, upload images, and format your post.

    How do I create a new topic?
    For the time being, we’ve limited the creation of new topics in certain categories, but if you’re in a category and see the “New Topic” button at the top, you can click it to create a new discussion thread. Give your topic a title, then you can write, upload images, add links and format your post. You can also add tags, which will help people find your post when they’re looking for info on a particular topic. Once you’re done, click “Submit” and it will appear in the forum for others to see.

    How do I follow a topic so I can see any new replies?
    You should automatically be notified of any replies to a topic you create or reply to, but you can also “watch” any others that you find interesting. To do so, just look for where it says “Not Watching” on the original post and click on it to change it to “Watching”. You’ll then be notified of any new activity on the thread.

    Can I get email notifications for topics I’m following?
    If you prefer to keep track of things via email, you can set your email notification preferences by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of your screen. Then just go to settings, find the “Email” section and select your preferences.

    Can I share posts with social media?
    Yes, you can! Go to the post in question, and click on the ellipsis in the bottom-right corner of the post to display more options. You can bookmark a post, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

    I still need help!
    Don’t worry, we’re here for you! If you still have questions, post in Help & Tech Support, or reply to this post, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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