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    Thanks for your interest in the Introduction to Philosophy project! If you’d like to participate in this project, just hit reply and comment to this thread. Give us an idea of your background, particular area of expertise, and interests. We’ll follow up and make sure we find ways to have you participate!

    Currently, we are looking for:

    You can view the complete project description here.

  • Hello,

    I am interested in contributing a chapter to the philosophy of religion section. I’d be interested in writing on teleological arguments, or moral arguments, or practical arguments, or reformed epistemology, or the role of evidence in philosophy of religion.

    More broadly, my interests are in political philosophy, social epistemology, the ethics of belief, and philosophy of religion.

    I have a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin, an MA in Moral, Legal and Political Philosophy from Queen’s University Belfast, and I am currently ‘ABD’ in a PhD program at Tulane University in New Orleans. I have taught two ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ classes in which I covered a little philosophy of religion, and I am going to be teaching a 300-level philosophy of religion class this semester.

    I’ll add my details to the spreadsheet. Thanks - Marcus


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    @mhunt Hi Marcus, welcome to the Rebus Community! Thanks for adding your details to the spreadsheet.

    It’s great to hear that you are keen to write on such a variety of topics! I’d recommend looking at the Chapter assignments for the Logic and Ethics parts – you might find something of interest there.

    Given your interests, I would also suggest you follow the Logic, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Social & Political Philosophy threads for any updates. We’re still working on the outlines for the Philosophy of Religion and Social & Political Philosophy parts, but should have them up next week, and would love your input on them as they develop. You can “Watch” these threads to receive a notifications when there is any activity, if that is preferred.

  • I have already offered my services directly on the thread for the logic section, but I may also be helpful for generally as a proofreader/copyeditor or commentor on especially metaphysics and philosophy of science.

    My research is many in the history and philosophy of logic and mathematics, so if there are any sections dealing particularly with the philosophy of mathematics, I could certainly help.

    I’m ABD at in the philosophy department at the University of Calgary, and worked on Forallx: Calgary remix.

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