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    @michaeldroulis2 Hi Mike, welcome to the Rebus community! Wow, sounds like quite the long-winded path you’ve taken to arrive at Political Science and Philosophy.

    We’d be happy if you could join us on this project. Is there a particular part or chapter you are interested in authoring? We have Chapter Assignments listed for each part in this spreadsheet (use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between parts). Take a look, and let us know where you can pitch in!

  • Hi

    I recently completed my MA in Philosophy at UBC where I specialized in Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science. My specific area of specialization was on the Social Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge. Though I’d be most interested in being a parts editor (for either section), I’m also willing to help out in any other way you see fit.

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    @michaeldroulis2 There are a few documents floating around, but thanks for filling this one out. I see that you’ve signed up to write a chapter in Social and Political Philosophy – great!

    What we’re asking for from interested authors right now is a CV and brief summary of their experience teaching introductory philosophy courses (if any). You can share this in the forum, or email me at apurva@rebus.foundation. I’ll pass it along to Douglas Giles ( @dmgile ), the editor of this part!

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    @jonathan.lopez604 Hi Jonathan, thanks for your interest in the project, and welcome! We’d love to have you on board as a part editor for Philosophy of Science or Epistemology.

    Could you possibly share your CV via the forum or email to me (apurva@rebus.foundation) and lead editor Christina Hendricks ( @clhendricksbc christina.hendricks@ubc.ca)? Here’s a link to the job description for the part editor role, if you haven’t seen it as yet.

  • Hi @jonathan-lopez604 and welcome! @apurva, we know each other from UBC.

    I wanted to just say that we need to look at CVs and such before we make final decisions on part editors, so please send your CV to me and to Apurva and we’ll go from there.

  • Hallo everybody,

    I would be interested in contributing to the chapter Aesthetics. I have a German Magister Artium in Musicology and Philosophy and a Phd in Philosophy of Music. My research interests are Philosophical Aesthetics, Critical Theory and Philosophy of Art, esp. Ontology of Music.
    Best regards,

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    @ilgiann. Hi Ilias, thanks for your interest in this project and welcome to the Rebus Community!

    We’re asking people to hand in their CVs, and share a brief summary of their experience teaching introductory philosophy courses (if any). You can send along your CV to me (apurva@rebus.foundation) and I will share with Scott Clifton ( @cliftows ), the Part Editor for Aesthetics.

  • Hello Everyone,
    This project just came to my attention, so I am very late in the game. I’m guessing at this point all of the articles in my AOS have been spoken for. I specialize in social political philosophy, philosophy of disability, feminist philosophy and bioethics. I received my PhD in 2012 and have three publications–1 book “Recognizing Justice for Citizens with Cognitive Disabilities” and 2 articles. You can read about these here: Kacey Warren. I’m currently an adjunct and SME at CCCO and a lecturer at CU Boulder. I’ve taught live and online, focusing mostly online in the past few years. I’d be interested in helping with this project or something like it in the future.

  • @kacey2606 Hi Kacey–thanks for your interest! You can see which chapter still need authors here.

    I’m thinking maybe the chapters in social and political philosophy might be most relevant at this point (we don’t have any parts of the book yet that focus on your other AOS’s, though expanding it may be possible at some point). You can find more information about the Social & Political part of the text here..

    If you think you might be interested in helping out with that part, let us know…we can connect you to the Editor for that Part!

    In addition, we’ll be doing peer reviews of completed chapters starting very soon, and will need help with that if you might be interested!

  • I’m happy to help wherever I’d be most useful, but I am especially interested in serving as editor for the epistemology section. I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester in 2016. I wrote my dissertation on higher-order evidence and its epistemic significance (with applications to the epistemology of testimony and disagreement) under the direction of Richard Feldman, Earl Conee, and Edward Wierenga. My areas of specialization are epistemology, phil. religion, and the philosophy of nonviolence, though I also regularly teach logic, ethics, and philosophically-themed writing courses at SUNY Geneseo and St. John Fisher College in Rochester. I could contribute a chapter in any of those areas. I also have significant experience as a reviewer/referee (for Philosophia, Res Philosophica, Oxford UP, and most recently a book project for the Concerned Philosophers for Peace). In any case, whether as editor or otherwise, I’m confident I can convince some of my esteemed Rochester epistemology connections to contribute.

    Brian C. Barnett, Ph.D.
    Adjunct Lecturer
    Philosophy Department

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    @brian561 Hi Brian, thanks for your interest in the project! Could you please send across your CV to lead editor Christina Hendricks (christina.hendricks@ubc.ca ; @clhendricksbc ) and me (apurva@rebus.foundation)? I’d also recommend you take a look at the details for the part editor role, so you have a better sense of what it entails.

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  • Hello, I have ten years of experience teaching philosophy online at Portland State University and am interested in using and creating open-source textbooks. My area of specialization is American Pragmatism, specifically the social-political philosophy of John Dewey and Josiah Royce. I am also competent in Indigenous Philosophy and most of the online courses I have designed have been in Applied Ethics (e.g. Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Sport, Philosophy of Sex & Love, Life & Death Issues, and Military Ethics).

    I noticed there are still vacancies for the following chapters and believe my interests and expertise would be a good fit…

    Social & Political: CH3 Autocracy, Timocracy, & Aristocracy; CH 5 Constitutional & Representative Government

    Metaphysics: CH 2 Finitism, Infinitism, Monism, Dualism, and Pluralism

    Epistemology: CH 3 Sources of Knowledge and Judgement: Rationalism, Empiricism, and Beyond

    Please let me know if you have any questions or require further information (aspencer@pdx.edu)

  • @aspencer Hello and thank you for your interest! We have different editors for each of the books in the series, so maybe the best thing is to pick a couple of chapters you’d be most interested in writing, and then we can get in touch with those editors. Our process is that you would send to the particular book editor(s) a CV and information about your teaching experience or research expertise that you think makes you a good fit for that/those chapter(s). So give it some thought and let us know one or two chapters you’d be particularly keen to volunteer for, and we’ll go from there!

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