Logic [part ed: Benjamin Martin]

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    This thread will be for discussions related to the Logic part of Introduction to Philosophy. See the full project summary.

    Part Summary:
    This part provides an overview of logic as the study of arguments, introducing important logical terms, tools, and distinctions. Since philosophy is primarily concerned with providing arguments for claims, and evaluating those arguments, it is tantamount that we understand what arguments are, how to recognise them, and how to go about evaluating them. The five chapters of this part aim to provide some of this fundamental information. The five chapters are: i) What is Logic? ii) Evaluating Arguments; iii) Necessary and Sufficient Conditions; iv) Informal Fallacies; v) Formal Logic in Philosophy.

    How to participate:
    We’re currently looking for authors for the five chapters in this part. Each chapter will be roughly 3000 words.

    If you’d like to claim a chapter, check out the outline below, add your name, and comment to let us know which chapter you are interested in taking on.

    Relevant Documents:
    Part Outline – This doc gives an overview of the part and details each of the chapters to be written
    Chapter Assignments – Want to claim a chapter? Add your name to this doc.
    Author Guide – Read this guide to find out more about what committing to author a chapter involves.

    Team: @benjamin-martin (part editor), @clhendricksbc (lead editor), @zoe (Rebus project manager) … and you?

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