Office Hours: International Perspectives on Open Textbooks (Dec. 4-8, 2017)

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    International Perspectives on Open Textbooks (Dec. 4-8, 2017)

    Guest Speakers: Mark Horner (Siyavula Education in Cape Town, South Africa); Werner Westermann Juárez (Library of National Congress in Chile); Jessica Stevens (Queensland University of Technology and Creative Commons Australia); Tomohiro Nagashima (Carnegie Mellon University); and others TBD.

    Guests will discuss student, faculty, and staff perspectives on the creation, adoption, and awareness of open textbooks in their countries. They will also provide advice to creators who want to make their content useful to faculty and students in multiple countries.

    Format: This session will be pre-recorded and the video will be made available on Dec. 4 at 2:00 am CLST, 7:00 am SAST, and 3:00 pm AEST at this link in the Rebus Community forum. Guests will then participate in an asynchronous discussion related to the recording in the Rebus Community Forum Dec. 4-8. This is so that we can enjoy a conversation with guests from many continents in varying time zones.

    RSVP for the session.

    Come back to this post the week of Dec. 4 to join the discussion.

    You can also reply below if you have particular questions you would like the speakers to address!

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