Hi, I'm Hugh McGuire, co-founder of Rebus

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    Hi, I’m Hugh McGuire, co-founder of the Rebus Foundation, where we are building a new model for collaborative publishing of Open Textbooks. I’ve been working on open collaboration, books and the web for more than a decade now.

    I’m the founder of LibriVox.org (a volunteer-driven publisher of public domain audiobook), Pressbooks.com (an online, open source book formatting platform, used broadly in the Open Textbook community, including at Rebus), and I’m the co-editor of “Book: A Futurists’ Manifesto – Essays from the bleeding edge of publishing.

    I’m very excited about Open Textbooks, which bring together everything that excites me about the web. I hope we can do something really important with this project.

    I live in Montreal, Canada, and if you are ever here, please get in touch & we’ll have a coffee, tea or beer.

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