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    Title: Digital Citizenship Toolkit
    Lead Author: Michelle Schwartz (Ryerson University)
    Subject: Digital Literacy
    Target audience: 100-200 level students
    Project managers: Ann Ludbrook (Ryerson University @aludbrook ) & Zoe Wake Hyde (Rebus Community @zoe )
    License: CC BY

    This book will help students develop a higher-level critical lens in which to navigate the digital realm. We will start by examining participatory culture, online communities, commodification of digital space, content evaluation, remix culture, and effective strategies to aid in digital projects and communication. Chapters 2-7 have been mapped to the ACRL Information Literacy Framework.

    We envision a faculty support book to accompany this book, focusing on how to integrate digital literacy concepts into an already existing course. (Key authors: Michelle Schwartz & Don Kinder).

    We’re currently looking for a full-text peer reviewer. Chapters are approximately 4000-6000 words and will be released to reviewers on a rolling basis until approx. January 31st. Short descriptions of each chapter are available in the chapter assignment sheet.

    Under review:
    Chapter 3 - Understanding Digital Citizenship
    Chapter 5 - Won’t Get Fooled Again: Developing Evaluative Literacy Skills
    Chapter 4 - Critical Approaches to Digital Literacy
    Chapter 7 - Joining the Digital Conversation
    Chapter 8 - Tips for Content Creation in the Digital Age (Writing)

    Ready for Review:
    Chapter 1 - Intro to Digital Literacy

    Expected in February (claimed for review):
    Chapter 2 - Modes of Digital Communication
    Chapter 6 - Value of Information

    Reviewers should be familiar with the ACRL Information Literacy Framework and teaching information literacy to 100-200 level students. Please read the Rebus Community Review Guide for more details on the process.

    If you’re interesting in acting as a reviewer for this text, please comment below with a bit about yourself and your experience, and let us know whether you’d be interested in reviewing the full-text.



    Want to help review an open textbook on #digitalliteracy? Find out how to contribute here:

    @aludbrook, @zoe, @apurva … and you?

  • Hi! I am an academic librarian and I am interested in reviewing for this project. My focus areas are scholarly communication and digital scholarship, but I participate actively in first-year information literacy instruction. I focus a great deal on digital pedagogy and copyright. I am comfortable with the content for many of the chapter descriptions but would primarily be interested in 1) Value of Information, 2) Understanding Digital Citizenship, 0r 3) Critical Approaches to Digital Literacy.

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    @gesina.a.phillips Hi Gesina, thanks so much for your interest in acting as a reviewer! My colleague @zoe should be in touch with you next week with some more details, so stay tuned!

  • Hi Michelle:

    I am an academic librarian. I have taught information literacy credit courses for 4 years now and have been involved in the past with editing for SUNY. I would be willing to jump in where I am needed, but, my areas of interest and expertise would be best utilized in Chapter 3, Chapter 5, Chapter 6 and Chapter 8.

    Carol Kunzler, MLS, MEd
    Library Manager
    Snow College

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    @carolkunzler Hi Carol, thanks for your interest! We’ll keep your areas of expertise in mind, and @zoe will get back to you soon with more details.

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    Hi @gesina-a-phillips and @carolkunzler - thanks so much for putting your hands up to be reviewers! Given the chapters you’ve listed, Gesina, we’d like to get you started on chapter 3 for now, and Carol, we might get you working on chapter 5. How does that sound? Let me know if it suits and I’ll be in touch via email tomorrow to give you access to the content and to discuss due dates & any questions.

    Depending on how many others show an interest in reviewing we may ask you to take on others once they’re submitted, but given the time of year, we expect we might have more of a response in the new year. Thanks again for being the first on board though, very pleased to be working with you both :slight_smile:

  • Hello! I’m also an academic librarian interested in reviewing for this project. I work primarily with open access/scholarly communication, copyright, and digital scholarship/projects, so I’m particularly interested in chapters 6, 7, or 8, but am happy to help with whatever is needed. Thanks!

    Anna Newman
    Open Access Specialist, Boston University

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    @newmanaa Hi Anna, great to hear from you! Thanks so much for offering to act as a reviewer. We’re expecting chapters 6 & 7 to be submitted in the next couple of weeks, so once we have them in hand I’ll be in touch again to get you set up. As I mentioned to Gesina and Carol, we’ll likely get you started with one chapter at first, then if we don’t find anyone else for the others we’ll take you up on the offer for the others. Thanks again and you’ll hear from us again soon!

  • Dorothea Salo, librarian and iSchool instructor. Happy to take any chapter still looking for a reviewer.

  • Hi y’all. This looks like a great project. I’d be happy to review Chapter 1 or Chapter 8. I’m a faculty in English and have an interest in digital pedagogy. My research deals with the relationship between information sciences and mass media. And I used to teach in a program at Washington State U called Digital Technology and Culture, where I organized a digital literacy workshop series and taught a class on Information Structures. Last year I contributed a short chapter on digital literacy to the Rebus book on Creating Open Textbooks with Students based on my work at WSU.

  • Hello! (Another) academic librarian here interested in reviewing chapters if needed. I’m a subject liaison to communication and media studies, and have been working on with our public speaking program to support their integration of information literacy into their curriculum. I also do freelance work curating open content for courses (mostly social science and business). My experience is probably a good fit for chapters 6 through 8.

  • Hi academic library director here. In addition to my MLIS, I have MFA specializing in creative writing. I’d be happy to review Chapter 1.

  • @davidsquires Just noticed that Chapter 4 is ready for review, not claimed. If that’s in fact the case, Chapter 4 would be my first choice to review.

  • Hi there! I am an academic librarian coordinating digital literacy programs at my institution. I’ve also worked heavily with information literacy instruction in first year undergraduate courses. I’d love to review ch. 1, 2, or 7. - Julia Feerrar

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    @salo Hi Dorothea, thanks so much for your interest in reviewing! We’d like you to review Chapter 7, which we’re expecting sometime this month. I’ll be in touch once we have them in hand to get you set up. Let me know if this suits you, or if you have any questions.

    Thanks once again, and you’ll hear from us soon!

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