[PEER REVIEW] Peer review prior to publication

  • There was just a posting on the OTN list asking about pre-publication peer review options for open textbook authors. I’m hoping that this platform, through it’s list of experts, can provide a solution to this question.

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    Hi Marilyn,

    Indeed peer-review is a big part of what I think needs to be worked out for Open Textbooks. So we do hope that, along with OTN and others, we can help make that easier.

    I think at the least, there ought to be a listing of projects (books? chapters?), with information about them, in need of reviewing.

    Then we get into questions such as:

    • should the review process be open? ie can anyone review? invite only? how is that managed?
    • are there different levels of review? eg, one round of “closed” reviews, then an open pre-pub public review? etc…

    But in any case, yes this is a critical part of the infrastructure we hope to help with.

  • I think that this something that the Open Textbook Network might be ideally suited to help facilitate? They’ve already got a good infrastructure in place for post-publication faculty review and a large network of trained faculty reviewers at several institutions … What do you think, @dernst?

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