Project Summary: A Guide to Starting an Open Textbook Program at Your Institution

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    @krysta.mcnutt Hi Krysta, thanks for joining us! This project hasn’t had much love recently as we’ve been getting a few others off the ground, but it’s still on the cards. Perhaps your enthusiasm is what we need to get it moving again! Was there a section in particular that caught your eye? Or do you have any thoughts on the proposed TOC?

  • Hi @zoe! I can see lots of sections that I would be happy to contribute to.

    I’d be most ready to look at Part 1 and 2. I’ve worked on some toolkits ( which touch on these topics, so it’s a natural next step from what we have been slowly building. It’s pretty high level right now and we intend to create some template resources (ppts, roadmaps, plans). Developing that and writing this out could likely go hand in hand.

    If this one isn’t too active right now, perhaps I should keep this TOC in mind as we move forward with our next toolkit version and loop back in?

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    Hi @krysta.mcnutt ! This one is on hold at the moment … but we’ll be interested in taking it up again in the fall?

  • @hugh Sounds good!

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