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    @knachel Thanks Matt, we really appreciate it! There’ll still be plenty of ways to contribute :) Exciting to hear your text is in final editing, let us know when you’re releasing it and we’ll give it a signal boost.

  • @knachel Great to hear we already have an author of a chapter (or more) lined up for logic! And also great to hear you’re finalizing an open logic text!

  • @administrators @clhendricksbc @zoe I am not sure exactly how the sharing and commenting permissions work on Google Drive, but I have attempted to share the three draft chapters than have thus far been submitted on Google Drive as open for comments only to all who have the link. Would you mind checking that from your end to see if it is set up properly? It seems that the sub-folder “submitted chapters” into which I moved them has vanished – it no longer shows up in the main folder for the textbook.

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    @geoslack Hi George! I’ve double checked, and the three submitted files are all set to the right permissions where anyone with the link can comment. I don’t know what happened to the folder (we haven’t done anything on our end!) but I’ve changed some settings so have a look again and see if it’s there for you now. If not, let me know and I’ll take another look. Thanks!

  • @zoe I see the chapters submissions folder with the submitted chapters on my end… but maybe that’s just because it’s in the folder that I already have permission to see (the folder with all our stuff related to this textbook). I’m assuming that @geoslack has that permission too?

  • @clhendricksbc @zoe I see the submitted chapters but not the folder that they are in. That folder with files inside was visible to me until I changed the permissions of the files to allow people with the link to comment but not edit.

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    @geoslack I’ve just shared the folder with you directly - hopefully that fixes things?

  • Hi everyone,

    We have new Part Editors for several parts of this text, and some of them have created outlines for their Parts that are ready for comment by people in this group. Here is what we have ready for comment:

    Social & Political philosophy: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    Logic: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    Philosophy of Mind: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    Philosophy of Religion: outline is here, join the discussion thread here

    Note that for any discussion threads you want to follow, it’s good to click “watching” at the bottom to make sure you get email notifications when there are new posts. I think that if you post to the thread you’re automatically watching but I’m not 100% positive of that.

    Finally, there are still some chapters remaining on Ethics and Aesthetics, in case anyone wanted to sign-up for them! Go to the tabs on the bottom of that spreadsheet to get to the different parts.

  • And we have one more new Part outline ready for comments! It’s on Metaphysics. See the information and link to that outline on the Metaphysics thread:

    Please read the outline and make comments if you feel you have expertise in metaphysics!

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    Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback on the various part outlines! They are now closed for comments. We will start looking for chapter authors for these parts very soon, and if you’re interested in contributing, just add your name to the Chapter Assignments spreadsheet.

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    Hi everyone,

    We’ve made a lot of progress finalizing the chapters for several parts, and are now looking to recruit authors! We’re looking for contributors for these parts:

    There are also some outstanding chapters in the Ethics and Aesthetics parts.

    If you’d like to write a chapter, please comment in the appropriate part thread (linked above) and include:

    • your CV
    • a brief summary of your experience teaching an introductory course in philosophy, and
    • the chapter(s) you want to write.

    Alternatively, you can send me this information via email (send to, and I will pass it along to the part editors in question.

    The chapters in each part are listed in this spreadsheet. Go to the tabs on the bottom of that spreadsheet to get to the different parts.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Hi folks, the outline for the Aesthetics book in this series has now been revised by one of our newest editors, Valery Vinogradvos, and we are eager to hear your feedback! Please read through outline in Google Docs, linked above, and leave your comments there, before Feb. 13. Valery will make final edits to the outline based on your feedback, and we’ll begin looking for chapter authors soon after.

    We also have some exciting news about how the series is progressing so far, so stay tuned to hear more updates from @clhendricksbc!

  • As promised in the last post, here is an update as to where we are at the moment with what has now become a series of books rather than a single, large book.

    We have nine books in the series, and each now has an editor! You can see all the parts and the chapters we have authors for at the moment, on our Public Table of Contents.

    The person who was the editor for Aesthetics had to leave the project, and we just recently found a new editor. As noted in the previous message, there is a revised outline for the book that is open for comment. There were already some chapters written, and they’ll fit into the outline, but the outline also adds more chapter ideas.

    We recently got an editor for the Philosophy of Science book as well, and an outline for that book is on its way soon, to be open for comment.

    Finally, we have three books that have been through peer review and are nearing production: Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, and Logic. Look for those to be out and available soon!

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