General Discussion: Introduction to Philosophy

  • I’d like to help as a proof reader or chapter reviewer. My areas are epistemology, feminist epistemology, philosophy of science and some metaphysics.

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    super @fellows-jill … I’ve added you to the project team. more details to come.

  • I’m in for proofing

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  • I’m happy to help out in any way needed. I’m not a philosophy subject matter expert (UG PHI minor) but will assist in proofreading, PB “wrangling”/testing, production, or any other technical needs! I don’t know all the plans for this particular project, but I’m interested in learning more about the “networked” and collaborative component of Rebus and OER development. Thanks!

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    Hi Scott, This is great! We don’t know all the plans for this project either (!) and that’s part of this process: To figure it all out, or try to. Especially the networked/collaborative OER development. That will be the the real trick we are trying to figure out, and this project will be a testing ground for better understanding how to make this work. And this project, and the people involved in it, will be key to shaping Rebus in the future.

  • I’d be glad to help in some capacity (e.g. editing/proofing?), in part because I hope to use the book in my Intro courses. I work on ethics and the history of philosophy.

  • @hugh Very exciting! Looking forward to where this project takes Rebus and ways I can help!

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    Hi @kmf.aho thanks for posting, happy to have you aboard, I wonder if you might post a bit about yourself in this thread, or if you prefer, here:

  • @hugh Sure thing. I’m an instructor of philosophy at a regional state university. I hope to help with the project because I believe in OER texts in general and hope to use them to help my students in particular. We’ve been strongly encouraged to use open access resources when possible, but there aren’t many textbooks (as opposed to historical primary texts) available for philosophers.

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    Welcome @joll-nicholas … we’ll start planning shortly, so we’ll have a better idea of how things will proceed in the not too distant future.

  • I’d like to contribute or collaborate on a chapter or two. I have a Masters in Philosophy and Doctorate in Education. I have taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in philosophy including Intro to Philosophy, Ethics, and Philosophy of Education.

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    Welcome Preston!

  • @kmf.aho Hi! Did you do the AAPT workshop on teaching philosophy recently? Is that where i know your name from? I am Chair of the AAPT teaching and learning committee, and I seem to recall your name from there! So glad you’re interested in helping!

  • So excited to see so many people interested! I am looking forward to working with you. We are working on a way to communicate in more depth about this project, start talking specifics about possible chapters that should be there, etc. Stay tuned!

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