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    The Rebus Community is currently supporting a handful of open textbook projects as part of a pilot phase. We are working closely with them to recruit contributors and develop processes around project management that will inform the future direction of the Rebus Community.

    You can learn more about these pilot projects, or sign up to contribute to an active project.

    Our Project Criteria
    In order to be considered for Rebus Community support during this phase, we have three criteria:

    *The book must have an engaged lead author or administrative champion, who is committed to Open Education, OER, and Open Textbooks
    *The book must be “interesting” (interesting topic, or targeted at large enrollment classes)
    *The book must be licensed CC BY (see our licensing policy, and CC BY joint statement )

    We are no longer accepting new projects for our pilot phase. However, if you have an open textbook project you feel meets these criteria and that you’d like us to consider, email us at

    Note that all projects supported by the Rebus Community must bear the CC BY license. Read more about our licensing policy.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Hi everyone! We’re pleased to announce that Rebus Projects is now live! This is our new platform that guides open textbook projects through the publishing workflow and makes it easy to find, recruit, and organize collaborators. Details on how to get an active project are now found on the new site.

    To apply, head to Rebus Projects, log in with the same details you use on the Rebus Forum, and click on “Apply to start a new project.” We look forward to seeing you there!

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