[BIO] Foundations of Biology [project lead: Tim Dolan, Greenfield Community College]

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    Title: Foundations of Biology

    Authors: Amanda Murray Hyde, Jennifer Williams, and Shannon Compton

    Project coordinator: Tim Dolan, Greenfield Community College

    Subject: Biology

    Target audience: First semester survey courses at community colleges, with a mixture of biology majors and gen-ed students.

    Single author or Multiple authors: Multiple.

    Rebus project manager(s): Hugh McGuire, Zoe Wake Hyde

    License: CC BY

    Help needed: see below


    Book description: This project will involve merging OpenStax Biology and OpenStax Concepts of Biology to create a version suitable for the mixed groups that are taught in a community college setting.

    Help needed:
    Importing into Pressbooks (the first step)
    Accessibility and tagging checks
    Training for the team

    Timeline (preliminary):
    Jan 2017:
    Gather potential contributors
    Begin pulling Concepts of Biology into Pressbooks
    Draft first three chapters (Jen)
    Select review questions and move into alternate formats
    February 2017
    Begin pulling Biology into Pressbooks
    Draft main content (Amanda and Shannon)
    Begin first-round accessibility checks (Tim)
    March 2017
    Continue developing content
    Begin second round accessibility checks (collaborators)
    Begin informal peer review of chapters (Kate at GCC, possibly others)
    April 2017
    Continue with content, accessibility work, and peer review
    Begin proofreading (collaborators)
    May 2017
    Continue with content, accessibility work, peer review, and proofreading
    Begin cover design (GCC publications director)
    Format front and back matter
    June 1, 2017: submit draft version in compliance with MA Go Open grant
    June, July, August 2017
    Make final editorial decisions and continue with proofreading, etc.

    How to participate:
    Sign up to the forum, and post below, letting us know what level of involvement you would like to have. Also, please give us an idea of your background, and particular area of expertise. We’ll be following up shortly with more concrete requests as we proceed.

    Tweet this project! (copy-paste into Twitter and shorten link)
    Help us make this Open Textbook: “Foundations of Biology” Find out how to contribute here: http://bit.ly/fdnsofbio

    Current project team:
    @comptons, @hydea, @williamsj, @dolant @zoe @hugh

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    Updates from my end:

    1. I’ve contacted BCcampus to ask whether they are working on a PB version of the Biology book.

    2. Here is the Canadian edition of the OpenStax Concepts of Biology book, from BCcampus: https://opentextbc.ca/biology/

    @zoe could you please put that book into the Rebus instance, as a reference. We can then easily help @tdolan & team get the bits they want into their own book.

    1. Lumen Learning has a bunch of Biology courses available on a Pressbooks instance, see:

    In particular, Biology I seems to have lots of OpenStax content in it. I don’t know how much editing etc has happened:

    … but all of this can come into Pressbooks much more cleanly than the OpenStax source files.

    I suggest we (as Rebus) try to focus on getting a complete collection of OpenStax books in Pressbooks in “clean” versions – which will make it easy for people to edit / remix / revise them.

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    Also, @lizmays @zoe … wondering if we should split out a specific/separate project … which is just: “get OpenStax Biology book into Pressbooks.”

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    @hugh Here’s the BCcampus version of Concepts in Biology, freshly added to the Community Press: https://press.rebus.community/conceptsofbiology/

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    @dolant Hey Tim, am I right in thinking you’re not planning on using the OpenStax quiz questions in your version? I haven’t been able to find a good way to copy over the solutions, so could save us some time if they’re not necessary. Will keep at it if they are, though!

  • I am willing to organize some photo research for this book

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    Thanks @aludbrook! We’ll let you know when we get closer to that stage.

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