[FIN] Financial Strategy for Public Managers [lead: Justin Marlowe, U of Washington]

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    Title: Financial Strategy for Public Managers
    Lead Author: Justin Marlowe (University of Washington)
    Subject: Public Administration/Finance
    Target audience: Master of Public Administration programs
    Single author or Multiple authors: Multiple
    Rebus project manager(s): Hugh McGuire, Zoe Wake Hyde
    License: CC BY

    Help needed:

    • Reviewers
    • Proof readers
    • Accessibility checkers
    • Marketing/promoting adoptions in classrooms


    Book description:

    This text is designed for students in Master of Public Administration programs. It could serve as the core text for a comprehensive introductory graduate or advanced undergraduate course on public financial management. It could also complement university courses or continuing professional education on public finance, public budgeting, tax policy, and non-profit finance. It covers the core concepts and analytical tools of accounting, financial statement analysis, cost analysis, and budgeting, all with applications to public sector organizations. The text is organized around financial management strategy. That is, how do managers in public sector organizations use financial information to design programs, implement policies, and advocate for their organization’s mission?

    Timeline (preliminary):

    How to participate:

    Interested contributors can sign up to the forum and post below, letting us know what level of involvement you would like to have. Please give us an idea of your background, and particular area of expertise. We’ll be following up shortly with more concrete requests as we proceed.

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    Want to help make a “Financial Strategy for Public Managers” Open Textbook? Find out how to contribute here: http://bit.ly/financialplanningpublicpolicy

    Current Project Team:

    Justin Marlowe (lead author), @hugh, @zoe… and you?

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