Rebus Community Guidelines

This platform is a space for everyone to create and share Open Educational Resources. Please read and follow these community guidelines:

  • Be nice: “Nice” includes supporting your fellow creators, amplifying your peers’ voices, and assuming value in others’ opinions. "Not nice" includes personal attacks, abusive or offensive language, including profanity or sexually exploitative language insults, threats, and other things that would be considered “not nice.” Don’t use racist, ableist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory language.
  • Assume value: We are all working together to build a global community around OER publishing. Be sensitive to different methods, different approaches, different cultures. We share an enthusiasm for OER and want everyone to feel comfortable contributing.
  • Be on topic: Post things in the right place, look to see if your question has been asked elsewhere, and contact an administrator if you’re not sure where to post. Keep conversations focused on OER and related themes.
  • Don’t spam: You can promote your OER projects, but don’t overwhelm or take advantage of the shared space. Keep discussion and links focused on OER and related themes.
  • Flag, don’t feed inflammatory posts: Don’t reply to posts that you feel violate the “be nice” policy. Replying usually makes things worse. Flag them for an administrator.

Reporting: Contact an administrator by direct message to report a violation of these guidelines.
Consequences: Violating these guidelines might mean a warning, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban at the discretion of the administrators.

Something missing? Have more suggestions? We want to hear from you. Please let us know what you’d like to add by replying to the Community Guidelines topic.


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