A question for TB authors: How do you save time while creating a high-quality OT?

Hey, all, we are making some revisions on our textbook authoring guide at BCcampus and one of the questions, we would like to explore further is ways that authors can save their time when creating an OT. Besides using Rebus to collaboratively develop textbooks, what other tips and tricks do you use to save time when writing an OT while still retaining quality? All answers are appreciated!

Hi Lucas,
From what I’ve learned so far from our work at Rebus, the following things seem to work well:

  1. creating a clear TOC of parts and chapters
  2. outlining chapters themselves before writing
  3. asking collaborators to write just one piece. so if there are 12 chapters, maybe 12 different people are writing them.
  4. deputizing students – TAs, RAs, or even classroom projects (we’ll have a guide to making open textbooks with students coming out soon with more on this)
  5. using interviews to supplement or create various portions of content instead of trying to write them from scratch

This is great, thanks for sharing