Call for Participation - Whatcha Thinking About? Cognitive Psychology and You

Welcome participants and potential volunteers to this little pet project I’ve started. This project came about as a result of discussions with my students over the years and their reports that they do not relate to the textbook (regardless of what textbook I used - and there were many). Often times, students listened to my explanations and examples of the concepts, and still demonstrated that they were able to meet the learning objectives. In addition, cost was also a factor for them. So, knowing that there was not a free option that was relatable drove me to start this project. So, please join me on this adventure. I’m looking for proofreaders, contributors, and collaborators on this project! If you are interested, please reach out to me by filling out this Form.


I love the book title!

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Thank you! I’m not a creative person, so I was happy that my team member, Mariann, was able to come up with something good…

I love it too! Thanks also for sharing the motivations driving you to create this OER — this informs me about the type of team you are hoping to nurture and put together. :slight_smile: