[ENG/CW] Editors, proofreaders needed for creative writing textbook



Title: Naming the Unnameable: An Approach to Poetry for New Generations
Lead author/editor(s): Michelle Bonczek Evory
Subject: writing, poetry
Target audience: Undergraduate
Single author or Multiple authors: Single
Rebus project manager(s): Allison Brown
License: CC BY NC SA



Book description:
Naming the Unnameable: An Approach to Poetry for the New Generation assembles a wide range of poetry from contemporary poets, along with history, advice, and guidance on the craft of poetry. The volume also includes exercises inspired by the included poetry and resources for students seeking to publish and build a writing-centered lifestyle or career. Poets featured range in age, subject, and style, and include those in the early stages of their careers, many connected to colleges in the State University of New York system. Informed by a consideration to the psychology of invention, Michelle Bonczek Evory’s writing philosophy emphasizes both spontaneity and discipline, teaching students how to capture the chaos in our memories, imagination, and bodies with language, and discovering ways to mold them into their own cosmos, sculpt them like clay on a page. Exercises aim to make writing a form of play in its early stages that gives way to more enriching insights through revision, embracing the writing of poetry as both a love of language and a tool that enables us to explore ourselves and understand the world. Naming the Unnameable promotes an understanding of poetry as a living art and provides ways for students to involve themselves in the growing contemporary poetry community that thrives in America today.

Help needed:

Copy editors*
Proof readers
permissions researchers

Timeline (preliminary):

Jan 2017: locate copy editors
Feb-March 2017: copy editing
April 2017: proofreading
May 2017: publish?

How to participate:
If you are interested in participating as an editor or proof reader, comment below, or contact Allison at browna@geneseo.edu

*I will be asking copy editors to edit online in our institution’s Pressbooks platform.

Thanks in advance for considering being part of our project!!

@browna Hi allison … any chance the author would consider a CC BY license? Our license policy, focus is to support CC BY projects only, there’s some detail here:

Maybe we could jump on a quick call to discuss?

Hi @hugh,

Good question. I sure wish that it were up to me and the author, but the licensing for our current list of textbooks was decided at a state system level. We will be advocating for publishing future work under CC-BY, but for now this is the best we can do. I did see your policies and thought it applied to content being published on the community platform, not all projects discussed on Rebus.

I’m happy to talk further about this, so feel free to email me to set up a time to talk!


I will check in next week! (Off for a Friday visit to the pub with the Rebus team)…

Hi everyone! We’re pleased to announce that Rebus Projects is now live! This is our new platform that guides open textbook projects through the publishing workflow and makes it easy to find, recruit, and organize collaborators.

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