Feedback-a-thon! (2 April 2019 @ 10 am EST / 2pm UTC & 3 pm EST / 7pm UTC )

If you have an open textbook book in mind or if you’ve got one on the go and need help, the Feedback-a-thon is an opportunity to have the Rebus team assess your book project and advise on next steps.

To participate, please fill out the following template. Please specify which time (10 am EST/ 2 pm UTC and 3 pm EST / 7 pm UTC) you would like to receive your feedback.

Create a new topic under “Tell us about your project”, include the time you would prefer (10 am EST/ 2 pm UTC or 3 pm EST / 7 pm UTC) to receive your assessment, and paste the responses of the following questions in your post.

Answer the following questions in less than 250 words each.

How did you decide to make this textbook?

What are you trying to achieve with this textbook?

What have you done so far?

Who is on your team?

Please share a maximum of three questions. These questions can be specific to your project or address broader open textbook themes.

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