How do you measure success for your OER book?

Dan and I have just gotten access to Google Analytics through Pressbooks. We have had over 83,000 page views, 421 book downloads with over 13,000 page views last month. We also found out that we have page views from all 50 states and over 190 countries. Outside of the US, most of the page views are in the Philippines.

We have 12 other universities that have self-identified as users because they have contacted us for a teaching guide.

Hopefully all of you are having success with your projects.

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Quick follow-up, Jinny: What was the process for getting access to Google Analytics through Pressbooks?

Our library contact, Ariana has this set-up with their Pressbooks. Since, Ariana is a member of our cohort, hopefully she sees this note and responds to you.


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Hi Joel! Happy to share some info on this.

Pressbooks has instructions in their Network Managers Guide. I shared this with our Libraries IT, and they provided me the Google Analytics ID to enter in the Pressbooks settings. As our Pressbooks network manager, Lib IT gave me access to our Google Analytics dashboard for Pressbooks. We have also given direct access to faculty members by request.

We have Google Analytics set up at the network level, and for some books at the book level. Setting it up for specific books makes it easier to get detailed information (such as what Jinny described above), though I’ve found I can also use our network-level GA page to get book-level info (such as page views and downloads, though I’m not sure yet on location). I’m certainly not an expert on Google Analytics, and haven’t had as much time to really dive into this as I would like!

I’ll add that Pressbooks recently added an analytics feature directly in the platform which shows page views and referrers at the book level (info on that from a recent product update).

Hope this helps!


Thanks for this excellent info, Ariana.

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