INTRODUCING: the Campus Manitoba Pressbooks Template

Hello All! I spoke with Kristy and she agrees that the Campus Manitoba Pressbooks Template is ready for public consumption. This resource will now be available on the Campus Manitoba PressbooksEDU Network and in the Pressbooks Directory.

The intention for this resource is to provide a framework of best practices from which you can scaffold out your new OER creation or adaptation.

At Campus Manitoba, we intend to start new projects with a clone of this Template. This will make it easier for future projects to align with best practices in postsecondary publishing and to start with a strong base.

The “Campus Manitoba Pressbooks Template” is a must-have resource designed specifically for emerging digital authors eager to publish Open Education Resources (OER) through Pressbooks. This comprehensive template serves as an invaluable guide, offering practical examples and pre-formatted structures to streamline the formatting journey. With editable sample pages and a meticulously structured framework, this template ensures your OER publication maintains impeccable presentation and is primed for seamless publication.

Whether you’re a novice author or an experienced writer venturing into self-publishing, the “Campus Manitoba Pressbooks Template” provides you with a solid foundation to transform your manuscript into a professionally formatted book that captivates readers and elevates your publication.


Thank you so much for sharing this @Deedrz and to @Kristy_L and the Campus Manitoba team for putting this together! This is incredibly valuable resource to the open education community!!


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