Michelle Reed, University of Texas Arlington

Hello everyone-- how lovely to be greeted here by so many familiar names and faces! I’m Michelle, Open Education Librarian at the University of Texas at Arlington. We’re pretty new to OER but hoping to dive a little deeper in the coming months. I’m looking forward to learning about each of you and the projects you’re working on. Cheers!

Hi Michelle! Great to have you join us. A little birdie at the OTN mentioned you were doing some work with accessibility – you might be interested in a working group we’re forming over here.

@zoe Thanks for the heads-up! (And I’m glad our friends over at OTN mentioned us-- I knew there was something that I was forgetting last time we spoke.) I have a practicum student this semester who is working with me as part of the requirements for a minor in disability studies. There’s a good possibility that the partnership can grow into a larger project with practicum students rotating out each semester.

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@michelle.reed That sounds brilliant, very pleased they mentioned it too :slight_smile: