New information as of Dec. 8 2017

Re: INAA: Teaching Resources

Greetings Rebecca, Jennifer, and Bernard,

Katie, Jennifer and I had an opportunity to videoconference last Friday Dec. 8 about the book, and I have a little more information from that conversation that might help us teaching resources folks us get started. In the videocon, Katie confirmed that the products we are aiming to identify are items such as websites, videos, images, and resources. We may also produce resources, such as discussion questions and activities. These resources will most likely be presented at the end of each chapter. As of this writing, there are outlines on google drive (in various stages of completeness) for the following chapters: 3 (paleoindian), 5 (subarctic), 6 (Northwest Coast), 8 (Southwest), 9 (Great Basin), 11 (Plains), 12 (Southeast), 13 (Eastern Woodlands), 14 (Historical Period), 15 (North American Archaeology & Heritage Law).

Could you please check to see if you have access to these chapter outlines? If not, please let Katie know. There is also a space on drive for us to place teaching resources, so if you do not have access to that folder, please let her know as well.

I am scheduled to meet with Katie and Jennifer Jan. 12, so I really welcome comments and ideas on what we might do at this point.