Office Hours: Rethinking Peer Review for OER (30 January 2020, 2pm ET/6pm UTC)

Topic: Rethinking Peer Review for OER
When: Thursday, 30 January 2020, 2 pm ET / 11 am PT / 6 pm UTC
Guest Speakers: Dan Rudmann (Associate Director, Community Outreach, punctum books), Catherine Ahearn (Head of Content, PubPub, Knowledge Futures Group), Karen Lauritsen (Publishing Director, Open Textbook Network), and Zoe Wake Hyde (Assistant Director, Rebus Foundation)

Peer review often operates behind a curtain, with little shared understanding of best practices, standards, reviewer expectations, or workflows. Our guests will help demystify what peer review means, and also critically evaluate how it can best suit open publishing models. What aspects of the process should we replicate from traditional publishers? What ought we modify or even disregard? We’ll also ask our guests and attendees whether the reputation of an OER really boils down to peer review, or if alternative processes should get our attention.

This session has passed. Watching the recording below.