Pearson Releases Design Principles

“Pearson on Tuesday released a list of 45 learning design principles under a Creative Commons license, giving away access to previously proprietary information about how the education company designs its products. In a press release, Pearson said it hopes the release will help other developers create more effective learning tools. The principles cover topics such as critical thinking, peer tutoring and universal design, among others.”

The actual resource is here:

How interesting. Thanks for sharing, Steve. What’s your take on it? Anything Pearson does tends to be viewed with a healthy skepticism from many in the OER community, but would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Hi @zoe, I haven’t gone through it in depth yet, but it seems like it covers a lot of different areas, so I thought it might be of general interest especially given some of the things we’ve been talking about.

I’ll admit that given its origin my kneejerk reaction was “It’s a trap!”, but given how it’s licensed, it’s pretty tough to find a legitimate complaint. :slight_smile: