Phase 2: Session 5 - Accessibility

Today’s session will be in zoom at: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Thanks for attending Friday’s session.

Here is recording link:

Here are links from the session:

Session slides on Accessibility: Phase2_Session5 - Google Slides

ABC’s of Accessibility: ABCs of digital accessibility

Rebus Checklist: Rebus Press - Publishing Requirements - Google Docs

Accessibility Best Practices fro Rebus: Accessibility Best Practices - Google Slides

BC Campus checklist: Appendix A: Checklist for Accessibility – Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition

Penn State University ACT (Affordable Cost Transformation Program) Checklist: Accessibility & QA Checklist - API - Google Docs

Accessibility At PSU:

Here are the links on (Lesson 6) Accessibility and Inclusion from Phase 1 to review:

Notes: [Lesson Plan] Session 6: Accessibility and Inclusive Design - Google Docs

Slides: [Slides] Session 6: Accessibility and Inclusive Design - Google Slides

Don’t forget to sign up for October 1:1’s:

Go to the following link to sign up for October 28th’s 1:1’s - Cohort A Feb 22 - Sign-up Sheet 1:1 - Google Sheets . Reach out if an alternative time is needed.

I look forward to meeting up with you and am thrilled that you are all able to use these resources and themes not only to improve your OER’s but also your practices.