Project Archive: A Guide To Starting An Open Textbook Program

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A Guide To Starting An Open Textbook Program
Subject: Other Education
Audience: OER program coordinators and others establishing institutional OER creation programs
Created date: December 4, 2019
Updated date: May 19, 2020
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Here is a starting-point
(which will be completely revised with input from the community)
Part 1. Before you start
1/ Institutional support - who are the key players you’ll need support from? 2/ External support - who should you be talking to outside your institution? 3/ Adoption vs Creation 4/ Making your plan of action Part 2. Things you’ll need to do
5/ Workshops/information sessions 6/ Communicating to your faculty Part 3. Supporting adoption
7/ Making the case: Why OER adoption is important 8/ Where to find resources 9/ Adapting resources 10/ Assessment of impacts of Open Textbook adoption Part 4. Supporting creation
11/ Getting faculty involved 12/ Roadblocks, bumps and challenges 13/ Nuts and bolts Part 5. Case studies
14/ BCcampus 15/ OpenSUNY 16/ Lumen Learning 17/ OpenOregonState 18/ U Wisconsin Maddison 19/ Others?
Short Description:
This book will provide practical advice for those looking to start an open textbook program at their institution. The project is not yet underway, and is seeking contributors to drive it forward.
Contributors/contributions needed:
Ideas for specific areas to cover/questions that need answering
Case studies/stories to illustrate successful approaches
Authors interested in any of the areas listed above