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Disability social work textbook
Subject: Social Work
Created date: February 22, 2020
Updated date: December 10, 2021
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Short Description:
Given the high prevalence of disability worldwide, the status of disabled people remains an area of concern for practitioners who seek to respectfully engage with a stigmatized and often oppressed population. The book encourages practitioners to draw on intersectionality theory, the critical cultural competence framework and anti-oppressive practice approaches to contend with the concerns facing disabled people today. These issues include parenting, mass incarceration, ableism, aging and employment, among others. This title acknowledges difference and multisystemic privilege and oppression while also drawing readers’ attention to the importance of solidarity and allyship when it comes to meaningful social work practice with and social change for disabled people.

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Hi Elspeth — please see our announcement from a few weeks ago explaining the changes taking place to our site! I’m happy to hear that there have been plenty of updates to your book — you’re welcome to post updates in this space so that the open community can follow along the progress you and your team is making.