Project Archive: Sheet Metal & Fabrication

This is a snapshot of project information archived on 2 September 2022. Please contact the project team for most recent updates.
Sheet Metal & Fabrication
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Book Language: English
Audience: Students enrolled in APP210M Metal Forming & Sheet Metal / WLD242 Welding Fabrication
Created date: June 14, 2021
Updated date: June 1, 2022
Target Release Date: 2022-01-31
• Attribution
• Non-Commercial
The following subjects will be covered:
• Common shapes and considerations
• Common hand tools
• Common shop tools
• Bending considerations
• Flat patterns / layouts
• Bend line calculations through various methodology
• Calculation of rolled forms
• Common bend joints
• New manufacture and fabrication
• Sheet metal rework
• Safety and machinery guarding
• Shop guide
Included illustrations will be sourced from local fabrication companies, as well as academic sources. The text will be divided into chapters covering the aforementioned topics and the appendix will be removable, so it can serve as a shop quick-guide.
Project timeline:
June 2021 - begin project November 2021 - complete first draft December 2021 - review and edit first draft January 2022 - publish final draft February 2022 and beyond - text updated, improved, and loved forever
The team would like for the text to be reviewed by other subject matter experts to ensure that we have not overlooked any key concepts. Contributions to the text will also be greatly appreciated.
Motivation & Goals:
This project is driven by the lack of OER available for the trades, as well as the desire to reduce students’ costs while providing a quality text. The author will continue to reevaluate the text based on student feedback and suggestions from the OER community, including critique from other instructors that choose to adopt the text. A successful text is one that is frequently reviewed, widely used, and appreciated by students and instructors alike.
Short Description:
Focusing on popular metal fabrication topics and techniques, this text will begin by guiding the reader through the basic concepts and theory, then progress to common tooling and technique, and conclude with the fabrication of finished projects. Many illustrations will be included to demonstrate the concepts, tools, methods, and step-by-step processes presented. A condensed shop notebook will be included with the intention that it may be printed and kept in a pocket or tool box.