Project Summary – CPSY 2113 Developmental Psychology

Please use the Project Summary Template introduced in Session 2: Project Scoping and post your updates here.

Completed a portion of the Project Summary Template (stopped at “Using Existing OER?”)
A brief summary of your OER. Explain how the project came about and its importance. What do you hope this resource will achieve?
This OER is to provide affordable but more relatable content to its intended audience.

Project Level: Identify the primary motivators that drive this project. Affordability; Relatability, more inclusive content for its intended audience.
Individual Level: What motivates your participation in the project of your team?
Trying not to reinvent the wheel, but I would like the content to not be too exhaustive, allowing the audience to gain and retain an interest in the content as it would be easily digestible. Making the content relatable to the audience, avoiding too much-researched content but allowing it to be more reflective.

Course and Audience
This OER is for dual-enrolled high school students.

Course Materials Needed
Think about the teaching environments in which your OER will be used. Identify what materials you will need in addition to a core textbook or ancillary materials. You may want to list and link to items like a syllabus, assessments, lesson plans, teaching aids, etc. List these out below.
Syllabus; Assessments (quizzes; discussions; written assignments); supplemental materials.

Applying an equity lens, whose voices, perspectives and narratives will you want to embed in your OER to ensure it is a culturally sustaining resource? I would like for the student’s voices to be portrayed in the content. As mentioned above, I want the information to be relatable also applicable.

Using Existing OER?

I would like to remix an existing OER.