Session 11: Post-release and Adoptions

@oct19-cohort Tomorrow, at 1pm ET on Zoom (at our usual link), we’ll dive into what we think of as the ongoing life of an OER following the initial release. We’ll cover adoptions, maintenance, improvements, and adaptations.

Take a look at the supporting documents:

  1. Handout: Post-release and Adoptions
  2. Slides: Post-release and Adoptions

Given that we’ll have our last session on Jan. 24 before we shift into our monthly check-ins, please also think about any particular topic that you’d like us to tackle and discuss or revisit at our final session. It’s all up to you! If you are not able to join us tomorrow, then please respond in the chat with what you’d like us to revisit or discuss.

I am going to try to attend …but if not…Christine will fill you in on our Monday meeting…sorry for cancelling last minute…May catch on late if I can.

No worries Joan, thanks for the heads up. You’re welcome to hop on anytime. @christine.faraday can fill us in if she can make it!

Thanks to all who could make it today! As per usual, I’ve saved our chat transcript for easy reference.

Some good questions today about organizing drafts, project documents, and teams, maintaining resources, different tools for authoring, author expectations, whether views and downloads data can be useful, and more! I appreciate everyone participating to either ask a question, respond based on experience with their project, or simply share an update.

Ahead of our session next week, I’ve compiled a list of topics you all suggested we cover. Let me know if there’s anything more you’d like to add to this list:

  • Licenses — General information plus fair use/fair dealing, citations and references, documentation for copyright issues
  • Open textbook vs. online course — Clarify the differences between the two and outline the common language that integrates these terms
  • Graphic Design — what can you do when these resources aren’t accessible on your campus or to your project?
  • Long-term maintenance of books — What’s the shelf-life of OER? Who makes changes to it? When do you think about things like a 2nd edition? How do you balance the affordances OER allows of easy adjustment on the fly?
  • Global collaboration — How can projects expand beyond North America?

If there are any topics that I’ve missed, or new ones that you’re just thinking about now and would like to discuss in more detail next week, please let me know. :smile: